Why 90’s Fashion Is Making A Comeback in 2022

Last updated: February 14, 2022

The new generation is intrigued by the 90’s, and all the 90’s babies are feeling that nostalgia when we see someone rocking a pair of nike’s and an oversized band tee. The 90’s were a time where you could express yourself through music, dancing, and fashion. From oversized t-shirts and baggy pants, to spiked hair, the 90’s had it all. Fashion changes year round, and each decade has had its own styles and influences. Much of the 90s was influenced through MTV, hip hop and rock music. While many of us may not remember what the decade had to offer, it sure as hell making a come back!

To rock that 90’s vibe, always go for an oversized shirt and some high waisted distressed jeans. If you’re not feeling that, go for a spagetti strap dress, but with a cute t-shirt underneath. Below are some styles rocked by 90’s babies, thats making its way back into 2022.

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