Is 2000s Fashion Still Relevant Today?

Last updated: January 17, 2021

It’s so exciting to see all these killing 2000s fashion trends that are making a huge comeback! They are all over our Instagram feed, Tik Tok fy feed, and even on our Pinterest and WeHeart it boards. The Y2K style, made popular in the 00s, breaks many fashion boundaries. From ultra low rise jeans to teeny-tiny bags and waist-chains, here the hottest trends to embrace for this season!

Low rise Jeans

The lower, the better! It creates a nostalgic look that we used to see on Destiny’s Child and Christina Aguilera. It’s sexy and sleek and can be styled in multiple ways. These jeans, paired with a cardigan crop top creates the illusion of a long torso. Add accessories like a cute mini bag to complete the look! 

 Hair Clips

90s snap clips are back –The good news is that you don’t have to invest all your money to nail this lovely trend. You can style your hair with multicolored or glittery clips, and even hide your wonky fringe.

Mini Bags

Mini bags are the ultimate aesthetic touch to a look. You can get them in all types of styles, from a baguette bag to a clear bag! Adding this into your wardrobe is a great start if you are trying to implement this aesthetic into your life. Wear them with a mini skirt and a bodysuit. For a more 90s take, match them with baggy boyfriend jeans and a spaghetti strap top.

Waist Chains 

Waist chains. They are THE accessory to own. The chain screams flashy glamour and is enough to wrap up an outfit. As shown in the photo, it pairs well with denim. I am in love with this accessory and it is a staple in the Y2K aesthetic.

Velour Tracksuit

Advertising your personality traits on your butt was the coolest in 2000s fashion. A velvet tracksuit emulates the whole 2000s style. It is effortless streetwear that you can wear every day. Juicy Couture is known for their tracksuits. Pair this with chunky jewelry and mini sunglasses to complete your outfit! 

Wide Belts

The return of thick belts is a fact and they are everywhere. Cinch your waist and create a perfect hourglass shape! Style one wide, leather belt over a midi skirt or a flounced dress to give a perfect shape to your silhouette. Just whatever you do, do not wear one over an extra-long, extra-tight, ribbed tank top. 

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