How To Master The Oversized Trend And Still Look Tailored

Last updated: November 24, 2020

Wearing loose-fitting outfits can sometimes be an excuse to wear cozy and comfortable pieces during online meetings or holiday dinners. But as tricky they can be, if you don’t style them properly, you might end up looking frumpy and bulky. Clothing is much like makeup – you can conceal, you can contour, you can highlight with it. Keep reading to discover how to make oversized outfits look chic and intentional. 

TIP No. 1

Create Balance

Instead of wearing two loose pieces at one time, choose what will be tight and what oversized. Remember to buy purposefully oversized pieces, not big, to avoid looking like all your clothes have stretched on the hanger. One way is to wear a tight, fitted bodysuit on top and baggy jeans on the bottom. Alternatively, if you want to emphasize and exaggerate your shoulders, a puffed sleeved top paired with skinny jeans will be ideal!

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TIP No. 2

Tuck & Roll

When you half-tuck an oversized buttoned-down shirt into your pants and then roll up the sleeves just below your elbow, instantly you create a slender figure. It’s also a critical component to not looking like you’re drowning in oversized clothing. Wear a white poplin shirt with black denim jeans and ankle booties to add a business flair to your look. For a casual street look with a rock vibe, go for an oversized graphic tee, tucked in your paper- bag leather pants to add an extra shine.


TIP No. 3

Add definition

When in doubt, belt it. If you’re wearing a large, shapeless piece, you can experiment with different belts to gather a lot of excess fabric and define your waist. One idea is to try an oversized knit sweater dress and put a wide statement belt on top. Or you can choose a trench coat with a belt to show off your silhouette.

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TIP No. 4

Crop it & Drop it

The easiest way to look taller is by making your legs look longer. This step is even more critical when you play around with oversized pieces. Instead of wearing a sweater or an overly long cardigan, you can bring the hemline up. Try a cropped fitted sweater paired with long loose jeans to add a little contradiction to your outfit.

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TIP No. 5

Go Easy on Accessories

Try to choose your accessories in proportion to your size and what you wear. The key is, if you wear one oversized piece, don’t wear more than that. For example, if you go for an intentionally oversized sweater or shacket, it’s better to hold a small bag like a mini tote in a neutral settle color to kind of match your outfit. Opt for heels to elongate the whole outfit!


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