Gouda Mashed Potato Pancakes with Brussels Sprouts Slaw


I know, I know: There’s nothing better than Thanksgiving leftovers (except Thanksgiving itself, of course). But after that first round or two of reheating, you can’t tell me you’re not getting bored. Bored with doughy stuffing; bored with dried-out turkey; bored with now-cold mashed potatoes.

That’s why this recipe is so perfect! When it comes to using up Thanksgiving leftovers, this combo such a great way to use up mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts. I’ll admit: The thing that made these so tasty wasn’t actually the potatoes themselves — it was the punchy, creamy Arla Dofino Gouda cheese I stirred into them. I’ve made latkes before, but I’ve always wanted to experiment with transforming mashed potatoes in the same way. BELIEVE ME, you will want to make this for breakfast soon. As in day-after-Thanksgiving soon. As in we-have-out-of-town-guests-coming-this-weekend-and-I-might-be-making-these soon.

OH, and I almost forgot to mention the other awesome thing about this recipe: A part of this partnership with Arla Dofino, I’m GIVING AWAY an amazing breakfast prize pack:

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WDC Gift Guides! | Gift Ideas for Foodies and Hostesses

Gift Guides 2014_Foodies

It should come as no surprise that creating these gift guides for you all also has me adding a TON of things to my own wishlist. And it should be even less of a surprise that this was even more the case with this particular gift guide. I mean, Rye Whiskey Caramel Sauce and Smoked Chocolate Chips? Sign me up!

I love a hostess gift that goes a little further than a bottle of wine, and these Terrain Gold-Dipped Spreaders fit the bill perfectly — as does this PERFECT Bulldog Cookie Jar (though the price point of the latter might make it a gift for someone special). Also a go-to gift I like to give — a great new cookbook. I’m not one to buy every single cookbook that hits the stands, but French Comfort Food looks like a great crowd pleaser.

Also high on my food-centric list this year: Anything from Leif — especially these Batik Olivewood Salad Servers, this Brass Tipped Spice Spoon Set, and this Gold Glazed Porcelain Platter. Mostly, I’m just adoring anything gold lately.

Last but not least: Another amazing find from Restoration Hardware — This Mobile Foodie Survival Kit is a steal and is such a fun idea for a stocking stuffer.

Shop the rest of the post below or check out yesterday’s Gift Guide for the Booze Hound or Vino Lover on your list!

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WDC Gift Guides! | Gift Ideas for Booze Hounds & Vino Lovers

Gift Guides 2014

Another holiday season means another round of gift guides! I was trying to wait ’till after Thanksgiving to kick these off, but I was thinking about how many sales you guys might miss out on if we didn’t get a head-start before the mania that is Black Friday + Cyber Monday.

And since it’s a short week, I figured we could start off with happy hour.

Victoria tipped me off to the gift-giving amazingness you can find on Restoration Hardware’s website — this spin-the-shot game would be so fun for a white elephant gift swap. Also pretty awesome and unusual: This dinosaur-style wine holder. So fun! I’ve been a fan of Fab’s funky gift selections for a while now, so this Salut! flask was a no-brainer. And I think I already expressed how much I’m loving Letters on Love’s etsy shop lately — this Dancing on Tables print is too great for above the bar. Oh, and one other that’s been on my list since last year: this Hero Bags dual wine bottle bag.

Shop the rest of these awesome bar-stocking gift ideas below!

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Winter is Coming | Cold Weather Essentials

Cold Weather Essentials
If the past two days weren’t enough to solidify the sentiment, let me just go ahead and say BRRRRR. Seriously, if this is the fall/winter we have to look forward to, I’m going to have to seriously step up my layering game. Step one: dig up my current collection of fingerless gloves + scarves + hats. Step two: add a whole bunch of new options to my rotation. Let’s start with step two. Because, let’s be real, online shopping is easier than closet cleaning.

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Recipe | Roasted Root Veggie Soup with Feta & Balsamic Drizzle


I’ve never been much of a beet person. But after trying an amazing beet carpaccio dish that combined these flavors on a whim, I was converted. There’s just something about the tanginess of the balsamic, the richness of the cheese, and the slight saltiness of the nuts that marries so well with the earthiness of the beets. And parsnips and celery root just add to the depth. You’re welcome to add more beets and eliminate the parsnips or celery root, or you could swap in potatoes if you’d prefer. Plus, the amazing fuchsia color of this soup is just *too good* for wowing dinner guests.

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My Birthday Wishlist!

Birthday Wishlist Draft

I’m a December baby. And as such when my birthday rolls around each year I take a few seconds to get onto my soap box and complain about how my b-day gets lost in the shuffle around the holidays. So here’s me on my soapbox — and here’s a few things I think would make me feel oh so much better about the whole December birthday thing. Ok ok, so not really –

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Outfit | Over the Knee Boots


I’ve been scouting out the PERFECT pair of over-the-knee boots since last year now, and I’m so glad I finally pulled the trigger! I was back and forth about color preference, about material preference, about heel height, pretty much everything — and when you’re looking to invest in a legit pair of boots, the price tag can be daunting.

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Happy Friday! / Loving Lately, Volume 14

Friday Favorites New

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts, but in my effort to dive back into (semi) regular posting, I’m going to give it a shot. Here are a few things that caught my eye this week!

- I always love discovering an Instagrammer who has taken a highly specific subject and created a gorgeous version of it. Chalkboard is featuring View From the Topp’s feed this week, and these are not your average #fromwhereistand images — and I love them for it.

- Sure, it’s easy to snatch up whatever looks beautiful at the farmers’ market, but here are a few ways to figure out what’s in season when you’re actually in the grocery store (it’s a whole lot harder when you have everything to choose from, isn’t it?)

- Ugh, thoughts of holiday blogging have been running through my head the past few days, so Julie’s post was so PERFECTLY timed. Note to self: don’t be the procrastinator that we all know you are.

- This will be the first year that Eric will be joining my family for Thanksgiving, and it’s been an entertaining (if not always synced up) discussion of our respective Turkey Day traditions. Which is why I loved this post from Erin so much. What are your Thanksgiving day traditions?

- The giving time of year has me thinking about how I might be able to celebrate the community I’ve built here. And this step-by-step from The B Bar gals might be the perfect way to curate something extra special and extra me.

- Leave it to Sarah to curate the most gorgeous holiday table spread. Now to go order everything West Elm has ever made.

- It’s that time of year! Nordstrom sale, baby! I’ll take this vest, these jeans, this jacket, and these boots. Please and thank you. And I might even wear them all together!

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Outfit | Back in Black


Call me boring all you want. I won’t stop reaching for black-on-black this season. I just won’t. Cathy reminded me how much I love a good monochromatic look last week, and I’ve been looking for ways to make it happen ever since.

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Recipe | Simple Hot Brie Dip with Candied Pecans


This right here. This is your go-to holiday entertaining recipe. I know, I know — it’s the first week of November and I’m already talking holidays. But seriously, bookmark it, Pin it, do whatever you have to do to stash this one away. Because between all the Sunday RedZone afternoons and the impromptu gatherings and the can-you-just-bring-an-app get-togethers, this one will do you proud.

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