Recipe | Vegetarian Coffee Baked Beans

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I’ve had a whirlwind past few weeks (ok, months), complete with numerous weddings, out-of-town guests, long workdays — and there’s more on the horizon. So when I had the chance to pop over to our neighborhood farmers’ market this past Sunday, there was something unbelievably therapeutic about the experience. Row upon row of gorgeous seasonal produce, every type of food vendor you could possibly imagine, a steaming cup of coffee to match the newly established fall chill — this is my happy place.

I honestly don’t really know how my head made the jump from seasonal fall produce and market meanderings to BEANS, but somehow the beginning of fall has always meant baked beans to me. I don’t know if it’s a product of eating the less-than-fantastic canned version when I was growing up and we went on camping trips. It could also be the return of football Sundays and the takes-all-day sorts of recipes that I get attached to on those days. Regardless. As I was picking out a bundle of wild mushrooms, and grabbing a handful of late-summer squash, and swooning over the last few peaches of the season, I was thinking of baked beans. I was thinking of chilly fall afternoons, and and steaming cups of coffee, and that tangy-sweet, hearty, deeply satisfying taste of baked beans.

This was my first time making the real deal version. But it definitely won’t be the last.

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My Summer Wardrobe Essentials

BANGS Shoes 14

It’s been a LONG time since I posted a real live outfit post, but I’m lucky enough to work with a very talented photographer and friend, Sarah, and she kindly offered to help me shoot this look — so here we go! If you run into me on a weekday in the summer, changes are HIGH that I will be wearing something along the lines of this look. Breezy summer dress: Check. Comfortable, walking-friendly shoes: Check. Hair pulled up because it’s just too damn hot: Check. This was one of the good days too — I actually remembered to shower, put on a lip stain, and put on my watch for once. [Pats self on the back.]

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Sister Golden Personalized Bridesmaid Packages

Sister Golden Bridesmaid Packages 2_smaller

This took me WAY too long to post, but I wanted to take a few minutes to share the gorgeous bridesmaid ask packages I collaborated on with Brooke of Sister Golden. I virtually met Brooke through one of my closest college friends (who also happens to be one of my bridesmaids), and even though we’ve never actually met face to face, we are definitely two peas in a pod.

So when I saw that Brooke was putting together charming gift packages focused around themes like housewarming and Mother’s Day, I knew I had to get in touch. I mailed hand-written notes to Brooke and she took the time to individually wrap each package with adorable themed paper & stamping, and then she mailed these GORGEOUS packages out on the same day, with the goal of coordinating their arrival so each girl received hers on the same day — it wasn’t perfectly precise, but it was still pretty close.

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Recipe | Ice Cream Sundaes with Coffee Caramel Sauce

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When the mid-summer humidity really starts to set in, I find myself gravitating toward lighter dessert options — think fresh watermelon, berry sorbet… sugar-bomb freeze pops. But sometimes after an extra-light dinner (fresh salads and roasted veggies have been my favorite lately), I have a little extra room to go around afterward. Enter ice cream.

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Recipe | Roasted Peach Salad + Tequila-Lime Vinaigrette

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Hornitos Plata Roasted Peach Salad 5

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been frantically planning a 4th of July party. We’re not talking just your average 4th of July party though. After assessing how busy my and Eric’s summers were looking, we somehow came to the decision that the 4th was the perfect date for an engagement party. I guess that’s what happens when every other weekend either had one of us working or traveling or bachelor/ette-party-attending. So yes, we’re *those people* who are throwing an us-centered party on a national holiday. (Ok, so my mom’s technically the one throwing the party, but you get the point.)

And you know what; I’m ok with it.

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Recipe | Pineapple-Serrano Margaritas

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Hornitos Plata June Campaign 2

Now that we’re getting closer to those signature hot summer days, I can’t think of any snack more refreshing than freshly cut pineapple, pulled straight from the fridge so it’s still cold.

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A Rooftop Sunset with Margaritas and Ceviche

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Hornitos Plata May Campaign 10

One of the things I miss most about my previous apartment in DC is the rooftop, complete with patio seating and incredible views. But our Baltimore rooftop has a lot of things going for it, too — even if it’s a little slanted and you have to climb up a steep ladder to get there and it’s not really for rooftop lounging at all. I don’t care about all that, because it’s secluded and it has a great view. I’ll take it.

Now that the weather’s been consistently great (we’re just going to ignore the pollen situation, ok?), I’ve been craving rooftop time more and more. Saturday afternoons are spent catching some sun and reading; and sunsets are spent with cocktails (in this case, margs) in hand. Who ever said weeknights have to be boring?

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My Top 20 Early Spring Essentials from Shopbop (SALE!)

Between the freezing, wear-all-the-layers weather and the accidental blog hiatus (part lack-of-sunshine induced, part way-too-busy induced), I’ve actually had a relatively purchase-free winter. And that’s totally not a bad thing — my bank account needed a little rest after all of the holiday shopping I did for friends and family.

BUT now that spring is on its way (though you’d never know it from the weather forecast these next few days), I’m starting to itch for some fresh finds. I’m getting seriously anxious for layered knits, and silky blouses, and comfy slip-on kicks. Now if Mother Nature could just hurry it up already…

To get you even more in the mood for a little spring shopping, I wanted to share my favorites from the AMAZING sale Shopbop is having right now. Shopbop sales are few and far between, so when they do roll around, I make absolutely sure to take advantage (hello, all of the neutrals).

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Recipe | Espresso Chocolate Cinnamon Buns

{Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Lavazza, but all opinions expressed are my own and I only support and promote brands about which I am truly passionate. Thanks for supporting the brands that make What Dress Code? what it is!}

Espresso-Chocolate-Cinnamon-Buns-10FINALLY! I’m finally back, you guys. That was an accidental two-isn months off of blogging, but I can’t say I have any regrets. Sometimes a rest-up to recharge and not be a crazed person every night after work and not feel like I have to answer every blog email within 24 hours — sometimes that’s SO nice. And I honestly can’t say I’m going to get back into a full-fledged five posts a week sort of schedule moving forward. I’m just being realistic, it’s probably unlikely.

But, I am back here. Now. Today. FRIDAY. All because I wanted to share these little bundles of joy with you.

It’s funny, I’ve never actually been much of a cinnamon bun person. I just always felt like the store-bought ones were gummy and so, so sweet, and just not my cup of tea. The homemade ones, on the other hand…

I made another of Joy’s cinnamon bun recipes sometimes last year and was completely smitten. It incorporated nuts and citrus zest and chocolate, all of my favorite things. And as for this spin on them — all I really have to say is CHOCOLATE and COFFEE.

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You’d think the shorter days and the longer stints of darkness would bring out more of a blogging habit in me (it certainly has the past few years) — but for some reason, this year is different. My morning commute is largely in the dark, my evening commute is largely in the dark, and somewhere along the line I think my inspiration got lost. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have the daylight to photograph new recipes and fresh outfits. Or the cold that has me dressed like an eskimo every time I go outside.

This post isn’t meant to be a whining rant. Let’s call it instead an intentional refresh. There’s lot of inspiration to be found in snowy days. Lots of warm stews to be made and cozy scarves to be donned and warm-weather plans to be anticipated. So here’s me committing to try a little harder. To start that knitting project I’ve been putting off and to read those books I have stacked by my bedside. Let’s make this year’s hibernation a good one. The March thaw will be here soon enough!

{Image Credits: Turtleneck | Wrangell – St. Elias National Park | Escape Canvas Utility Bag | Cozy Bedroom | Paris}

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