Ultimate Guide to Styling and Wearing Shackets

Last updated: February 14, 2022

Shackets are coming back into style in the year 2021/2022! A shacket is in fact, a combination of a shirt and a jacket; that’s the perfect transitional piece to have in your rotation. It has proven to be super cute, versatile and something that’s really a staple to wear all year round.

You don’t need to worry about sizing up with a shacket since it’s more or less designed to fit you in an oversized style. From plaid to leather to suede and woolen, there are quite a few shackets to pick from. Keep scrolling to find out all the tips and tricks on how to style and incorporate them into your daily looks!

Shacket + Leather Pants

Whether you want plaid or solid colored shackets, keep in mind to choose neutral shades, like beige, cream, off-white, tan, brown, grey, black and camel. Go for a plaid shacket in nude tones, a knit jumper underneath and wide leather pants or leather leggings. Complete the look with a pair of Dr. Martens boots or even pumps to make it more elegant and classy. This is quite a nice easy everyday smart casual look you can go for. Since a shacket is a statement piece of its own, keep the rest of your outfit muted.

Shacket + Dress + Chunky Boots

If you want to create a super stylish, super-trend look, combine feminine pieces with oversized outerwear. Opt for a puff-sleeved dress, an oversized shacket and chunky boots. Or, if the weather is a bit colder, go for a flowy printed long dress paired with a monochromatic turtleneck underneath, combat boots and a shacket on top. 

Extra tip: Since the shacket is oversized, consider adding a belt on your waist to accentuate your figure and define your curves. 

Shacket + Crop top + Mom jeans

For a chill day when you have to run errands but still want to look cute and pull together, this look would be perfect. Style a neutral-colored shacket with a plain white or black crop t-shirt and some medium-washed straight or mom jeans. Add a pair of sneakers like white converse high tops and a classic felt hat to make it more stylish.

Shacket + Miniskirt + High Knee Boots

If you’re trying to dress for the winter or for the fall, this is the outfit you should go for. Style a chunky knit cardigan or a fitted bodysuit with a mini skirt, a wool shacket on top and a pair of sneakers. This look is ideal for a day in the school/uni where you want to be a little preppy and chic. If you want a bit more upscale casual look to wear at the office, switch the sneakers with knee-high boots and add sublte jewelry and a tote bag!

Shacket + Sweatsuit

If you’re looking to upgrade your casual morning looks, match a sweatsuit with a shacket or wear the pieces as separates. Create a comfy, effortless outfit combining a pair of sweatpants with a sweater, hoodie or even a cardigan in the same color. Finish off with a plaid shacket to contrast the overall monochrome look. If you choose to wear the pieces as separates, stick to a neutral color palette that adds balance. For a busy day when you’re running for errands there’s nothing comfier than wearing sweatpants and a shacket. A long shacket can be worn the same way as a tailored fitted coat, but a shacket makes it more trendy and super stylish!

Shacket + Turtleneck + Cream Pants

A turtleneck goes hand in hand with a big, oversized shacket. Prefer a tight-fitting turtleneck to create that contrast between the base and the outer layer. Neutral shades and caramel tones are great to create a monochromatic morning look. Instead of your blue jeans and leggings, go a step further and choose a pair of wide-leg pants.
Put a nice matching shoe, such as ankle booties or converse sneakers at the same tone to create a cohesive outfit. As for the shacket, anything from plaid to solid colors will do the trick!

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