Outfits All the Cool TikTokers Wear

Last updated: March 1, 2022

Even though TikTok is best known for its dancing challenges and hilarious videos, a glance through your feed provides almost as much fashion inspiration as a visit to the Instagram app (depending on your algorithm). They’re all wearing tie-dye, Air Force 1s, ’90s-style jeans, and other cool things. Check out the complete list of outfits all the cool TikTokers wear.

Chill AF Denim

These high-rise jeans have distressed details that give them that chill-girl California vibe that VSCO girls love. A pair with a loose fit looks fantastic but is big enough for even the hardest dance moves. There are a lot of TikTokers who always wear ripped jeans if they don’t have high-rise leggings (which we’ll talk about later) or sweat pants. The reason is: Unknown. However, suppose you spend less than one-minute scrolling through your For You tab. In that case, you’re sure to come across several videos that feature frayed denim.

Oversized Hoodies

The best way to show off your IDGAF attitude is to wear an oversized sweatshirt and shorts that aren’t too tight. As long as the hoodie is oversized and cute, it doesn’t matter what style or color it is.

’90s Sunglasses

It doesn’t matter what you look like from the waist up now that your whole life is online. Funky 1990s-style frames are what TikTok stars love the most because they make any selfie look cool as hell!

Cute Crop Tops

The only person who owns a lot of crop tops is Daisy Keech. The influencer likes to wear hers with sweats, mom jeans, or bike shorts, but you can also wear them with a skirt.

Cool-Girl Sneakers

You are required by law to cancel your TikTok account when you do not have a pair of Air Force 1 shoes. As far as I know, every person who is an influence has a pair of stylish sneakers that they always wear.

Two-Tone Clothing

TikTok has a lot of two-tone clothes, and we couldn’t help but notice them. Spliced materials and hues have become relatively popular, and it’s simple to see why these content creators adore them.

Dad Hats

Dad jeans, dad sneakers, and dad hats are the next logical thing to add to your wardrobe. Whether you’re attempting to conceal greasy roots or simply adding for aesthetic purposes, a cap will shield your face from the sun while also adding some edge to your style—beauty and style all in one.

Pleated Skirts

She made this look very popular in the 1990s, and now it is back in full force. There are so many ways to wear a schoolgirl skirt. You can wear a band t-shirt to look like a rocker or wear a ruffle blouse for a sweet look. There are so many ways to do things.

High-Rise Leggings

Talking about athleisure, there are a lot of leggings on the app. Those aren’t just any leggings. They’re high-waist ones. If I were to guess why, it would be because these people like crop top a lot, and we all know high-rise leggings look great with a crop top.

It doesn’t matter what everyone else is talking about. We’re just over here switching between TikTok and Instagram to keep you up to date on the latest trends in a virtual fashion. Some people might say we’re even a little TikTok-crazed because we’ve looked into everything from the makeup trends we want to try to the new fashion styles coming out. If we were a journalist, we would have to scroll through the app all the time. On our most recent scrolling frenzy, we could not help but notice that the people who made the app are putting new summer trends on the map.