6 Different Outfits for 6 Different Occasions – According to Tik Tok

Last updated: June 7, 2021

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Tik Tok – you know, those 1-3 minute videos that have been blowing up all over the internet? Well, there’s a lot more to it and one of our favourite things about Tik Tok is what it’s doing for the fashion world, AKA #FashionTikTok. Literally, we ‘ve been exposed to so many different styles, fashionable outfits, and trends that are incredible! These occasions and outfits were all inspired by this app and all the fashion inspo they provided.

Front Row at a Fashion Show

Inspired by Fashion Tik Tok and high designer fashion, a trend has been growing by putting together high fashion outfits that we would love to see if we were sitting front row at a Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Prada show.

Black basic boots and heels can be seen on all of those designer fashion outfits because it doesn’t take away from the entire outfit itself but somehow a basic heel or shoe goes well with anything you pair it with, especially black or even camel color. Oversized Jackets and Blazers are another item that is common between these designers and are also high fashion. To elevate this look we love going for a more edgy biker look with an attached belt, or a faux leather oversized jacket. This becomes the focus of the outfit and is a unique item to add to your wardrobe.

Baggy Pants have been an upcoming trend in these fashion shows because baggy is what is in right now. Inspired by the early 2000’s and late 90s, is what is in right now, and unique because you wouldn’t see a lot of outfits with all baggy items – but it is chic and if you are into unique outfits that stand out this is perfect for you.

Summer Cookout & Picnics

What better way to embrace this occasion whether it’s with friends or family is to look trendy and cute, while still being able to enjoy any and all activities. The basics of every summer inspired outfit is to look fashionable but also simple. The bottoms will be the focus of the outfit depending if you want to keep it basic, monochromatic, or bold.You want to style around the bottoms; a basic denim jean short can be paired with a one shoulder crop top tank with black biker shorts.

When going for a skirt, long or short, you want to go either for a cute basic asymmetrical bodysuit that is a neutral color so it doesn’t clash with your skirt. If the asymmetrical top is cropped or tight, you want looser skirt or shorts to balance the look out. The only exception to this are biker shorts. Those shorts can be paired with both loose and tight one shoulder tops.

Modest Family Dinner

Not everyone wants to look super modest, but there are different types of people who do value looking more modest around their families. Modest outfits for a family dinner call for dress pants, jumpsuits, and long dresses. A long block color, long sleeve dress is incredibly fashionable this year because it is perfect for summer and is a simple one item piece that doesn’t require too much work around. Jumpsuits are also a modest fashion item that can be worn during a family dinner because it flatters your body shape, covers a lot of skin and on a side note; looks incredible on almost anyone!

Late Breakfast / Brunch Dates

I love hanging with the girls, and one of the things we love to do is to go for brunch or a late breakfast at a cute restaurant. Bottomless mimosas, and light brunch foods make the day perfect for wearing a cute outfit. These outfit inspos with Satin fashion items are perfect for this occasion because when you go out with your friends, you want to look trendy and fashionable.

We love satin tops and dresses because Satin is a material that looks expensive and very elegant. This type of fashionable item is fueled by all the Tik Tok fashion hauls that show the versatility of this piece. Pair a satin dress with a faux leather jacket and cute mule sandals for a completed look. Take it up a notch even more by wearing a white long sleeve turtleneck under your dress for a layered look. The white long sleeve will go with any colored satin dress; to accessorize find the daintiest gold jewelry you have and pair it with your outfit. You’ll look chic and high fashion.

Professional Work Functions

A work function means we have to look professional and put together because you don’t want to look disorganized in front of your boss and co-workers. This occasion is more for the typical 9-5 office job that calls for professional and chic outfits.

You can never go wrong with a basic black button up blouse and a cute pair of jeans. You keep that professional look while adding a little bit of your own style. A high waisted blue jeans with a cute Gucci belt with a black button up looks chic and will be good for a dinner/bar function. For a fancier function you should go for a, brown or taupe dress pants with a white bodysuit and simple gold necklace. All these outfits can be paired with a pair of cute nude or black heels – skinny or block heels will work for these types of outfits.

Nighttime Clubbing & Date Outfits

We all get inspiration from Tik Tok or Instagram and one of the biggest searches that we all look for clubbing and date night outfits. One of the premises for these types of occasions is to look sexy, high fashion, and wanting to turn heads. We always see fashion hauls through Social media which always include incredibly sultry outfits.

You can never go wrong with a basic black bodycon dress with spaghetti straps. Bodycon dresses flatter almost every body shape and make you look incredible especially if you go with a pair of strappy heels. To add a little uniqueness, we love one shoulder dresses as well if you want to change it up. Another outfit inspo we love are lace bodysuits with dark skinny jeans. The focus of that outfit should be the bodysuit because it’ll show a little bit of skin and a little mesh will turn the outfit into a nighttime appropriate outfit.

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