Gen Z Inspired Fashion Outfits for 2021/2022

Last updated: February 14, 2022

Tik Tok and Instagram gave all generations a platform to express their opinions, thoughts and styles. Gen Z has been making it’s mark on the world with their ever changing fashion trends and styles.

The main components of Gen Z fashion is combining old school with new school, and i mean incorporating 90s / early 2000’s style with a high fashion twist. We all love jeans, especially skinny jeans – but nope. We’re all about the mom jeans, wide leg jeans and distressed jeans. From there, we also love oversized t-shirts, cute crop cardigans and retro fashion inspired by the past generations. Throw in some statement pieces like cute heels, shoulder bags and you’re all set.

Gen Z is the generation of self expression and experimenting with clothing and accessories is one why they are influencing social media. You’ll see this with a lot of their styles and it does range from basic, everyday outfits to retro, baggy unique outfits. Either way, we love their styles and are embracing it for this year and the next.

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