Dark Academia Style is The Next Unique Aesthetic Taking Over This Year 2022

Last updated: February 16, 2022

You may or may not have heard of Dark Academia style. It is a social media aesthetic and trend that revolves around higher education such as Universities and programs such as poetry, writing architecture and literature. It’s a way to look philosophical, mysterious and put together all while being stylish; inspired by old Universities of Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton etc that all have an old timey feeling.

Now onto the style itself. Dark neutral tones such as brown and beige tones, checkered patterns, and monochromatic pieces are the way to achieve this style. As for the actual items, we’re aiming for blazers, skirts, tights and long sleeve t-shirts/bodysuits. This is perfect for a date night, late night coffee date and even an impromptu photo shoot.

Layers are also a must such as a white blouse under a brown sweater vest with black tights, or oversized blazer with a checkered mini skirt – Always remember to bring an oversized sweater with you to finish the look. The outfits are amazing, and look incredibly stylish so if this is a trend that speaks to you we have some inspirational outfits to get you in the mood.

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