14 Outfits to Wear for a Casual Tinder Date-Night

Last updated: May 8, 2021

We’ve all been on Tinder and know how it goes. Although majority of guys on their can be pigs, there can be a few that are worth giving a chance. For a first time tinder date, we recommend something casual so that if you hit it off, then you can go all out on the next date. The first date is just to see if theirs a spark. You dont want to waste a perfectly good outfit for nothing.

By casual, we don’t mean sweatpants and a tank top – nope. More like a blouse and jeans, or leggings and a blazer, or even a skirt with a turtleneck bodysuit. You don’t want to look over the top to scare them away, but enough that you look good and comfortable. For these casual outfits, we also recommend. going for a monochromatic look, meaning all one color. That way everything will match and you’ll look put together.

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