5 Ways to Wear High Waisted Dress Pants for Any Occasion

Last updated: September 12, 2021

One of the most popular fashion trends in 2021 are dress pants, specifically high waisted dress pants. We’re not talking about the boring old lady dress pants, but pants that have different styles and features such as being wide, bold in color, leather and different fits and styles.

Dress pants aren’t just for in the office for when you go to work, but can be styles for any occasion such as a night out or a fancy coffee date. We’ve put together 5 different ways to wear high waisted pants that’ll flatter any body shape and style.

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Faux Leather Pants

The first unique style that comes to mind when I think about high waisted dress pants is faux leather. This is a newer look but is perfect for the office or a night out. Paired with a dress top or a lace bodysuit, this style of pants may not fit everyone’s style but it’s definitely something to try out. These types of pants will fit wider around the legs so go for a tighter top and strappy heels/flats for a put together look.

Matching Set

If you’re keeping it professional that a matching set is for you. Most highwaisted pants are solid colors and typically have a matching blazer/top that goes with the bottoms. Keep it chic and match the set if you want a completed look, and maybe not go for anything too bold in color. Keep it neutral such as black, brown, beige etc.

Wide Leg Pants

Besides skinny pants, wide leg pants are also a hot trend happening now. From wide leg boyfriend jeans that Gen Z has brought to light, skinny pants aren’t really in right now. Wide leg pants that are tighter at the waist make it incredible flattering by showing off your curves. A cropped top or a white dress shirt will make this outfit a must-have in anyone’s closet.

Tip: If you’re a little shorter, you may need to get these tailored, but with so many styles there are some for shorter people. Otherwise some skinny heels will make you look incredible.

Professional Work Pants

A professional blouse paired with high waisted dress pants is the go-to for any office outfit. It’s chic, professional, and anyone can achieve the look. there are many different colors as well, so even if your entire wardrobe is pants, you can literally wear them with different blouses and you’ll look fashionable AF.

Bold Color Pants

For a night out or casual date night, we love bold colors and that means bold pants. The focus of the outfit will definitely be on the pants themselves. If you’re feeling a little risky and want a unique outfit, then get yourself a colorful pair of pants, a sexy bodysuit and some cute heels.

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