Professional Work Attire – What to Wear to the Office

Last updated: February 14, 2022

After working in an office for the past year and half, I’ve gathered a lot of intel on what to wear to look stylish and, comfortable all while maintaining that professional look

Of course, during Covid not everyone is back at the office, but most are – so this is for you.

Dress Pants, Dress Pants, Dress Pants – This one is a no brainer, black/brown/grey or white dress pants. You cannot get any more professional than that. We suggest going for those deeper neutral tones with a polyester stretchy material. This way, you can focus on other items to make the outfit pop. 

To add a little flare to these bottoms – literally – you can go for a boot cut dress pants that have a flare at the bottom. This will add an extra level of chicness to your outfit. When looking for plain dress pants, make sure it hits you right at the ankle. This way, when you pair it with heels or flats, it’ll actually give a more professional look. 

Blouses – Which ones? – When it comes to blouses you want to make sure that you’re not showing too much chest. This is not to suppress your fashion style, but to maintain a level professionalism. 

To look extra professional, like a boss bitch, find a white, black, or blue dress top. The structuredness of a dress top gives off the illusion you are well put together and took some time to look your best. Secondly, look for some basic sweaters that you could potentially wear over your dress top. This look is more fun and stylish yet not so structured. 

Turtlenecks, grey shirtsleeve, or anything with a collar will do the trick when you are working at the office. Keep things neutral so that you can amp up your look with some jewelry and it is easier to mix and match items. 

Blazers – Everyone knows when you go into an office you should be wearing a blazer. That’s probably the number one most common professional clothing item you’ll see. 

I will tell you now, not all blazers are the same. This will totally depend on your comfort level. I first suggest going with an oversized blazer that gives right to your bum. Oversized items are totally in and you can wear a tight sweater and some skinny dress pants to look extra stylish and put together.  

If you are going for a short blazer, make sure if fits your arms and waist. You want it to complement your curves and you don’t want it too tight on your arms otherwise you’ll be struggling just to move your arms around. To style shorter blazers, we recommend going for more flare bottoms and a short shelve blouse. 

Finally, colors – blazers are where I like to experiment. Have a complete neutral outfit then BAM – red blazer on top. Stylish.

Heels, Flats or Sneakers? – I’ve worn all three at the office, and shoes are something not everyone thinks about. 

Flats – are a no brainer. They’re comfortable, stylish and easy to put on. Beige, black, or brown flats go well with a lot of items. Add a little extra flare by getting a pair with a cute buckle. 

Heels – this totally will depend on your comfort level. If you’re working in a very professional environment, you may need to wear heels. I do recommend solid color heel with a thicker heel, or platform so that it’s still comfortable. 

Sneakers – This might not work in every professional environment. But most offices have casual Friday? Pair your favorite dress pants with a pair of white sneakers and an oversized blazer for a casual look. 

Accessories – This is where you can get personal. Wear your favorite necklace, watch or rings because not many offices care about what accessories you wear, so have fun with it. 

Wear your funky belt or big hoop earrings, or even your cute dainty rings to finish off your outfits. We got some examples here that will hopefully give you some inspiration! 

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