How to Style Basic Outfits

Last updated: February 13, 2022

During these unprecedented times, fashion trends have been evolving greatly. We’ve moved from over the top, bright, colorful clothing items, to simple, basic and neutral. Basic outfits consist of neutral colors: Beige, black, white, off-white, brown, light pink, and grey. This color palette makes it simple to mix and match different items without looking like a freak. 

Below we see basic outfits styled with oversized trench coats. These long coats have been making waves in fashion the past couple years, and for a good reason. You look put together, and professional.  A oversized, basic coat makes it perfect for you to wear a basic t-shirt or sweater, and dress pants. 

Biker shorts & T-shirts are also a fashion combo that has been trending, thanks to the Kardashian family. These outfits are for a casual day out to run errands or grab a quick coffee. You would not want to go anywhere fancy with this outfit. It’s also comfortable, and if you find a basic black biker shorts, you’re free to add whatever top you like!

High waisted Jeans are amazing. They can help tuck in your little tummy and keep everything tight and snug. Get your self either a dark pair of high waisted jeans or a grey/off-black pair. These two colors make it simple to pair with an oversized sweater or crop tank top.

If you want to get a little fancy, you should find an off-shoulder top that is not too bright in color or has a lot of detail. Off the shoulder tops show off your neck and collarbones, and amp up your basic outfit. Pairing an outfit with an off-shoulder top automatically makes it a more elegant look perfect for a lunch date or hitting up the town!

To put everything together, we have complied some of our favorite outfits reflecting all the styling tips!

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