Fall Staples – All the Must Have’s You Need For 2020

Last updated: October 17, 2020

Summer has come to an end, and Fall is finally upon us. With all the craziness 2020 has brought, we all could use a little retail therapy. Fashion trends in the fall have remained the same over the past few days. Dark color palettes such as brown’s, purples, red’s & oranges became the main colors of choice, along with your basic sweaters, cardigans, boots, scarfs etc. We are stepping things up a notch and moving towards basic fall staples you need in your closet, that are not from past seasons. 

  • Oversized Hoodies

With Instagram and Tik Tok video are blowing up, we see this style of oversized items, especially hoodies. They are warm, yet believe it or not, can be dressed up or down. Neutral tones such as off white, taupe, brown, grey and even beige can do with any other clothing items you have.

We suggest pairing a taupe or grey hoodie with faux leather leggings, for a comfortable, yet put together look for going on a coffee date or walking around campus. Hoodies can be paired with basic jeans. Skinny jeans or straight leg jeans will look the best since the hoodie is oversized. Throw on  edgey leather jacket with white sneakers and you’re good to go!

  • Turtlenecks

With many of us working from home, we all dread those zoom call meetings that happen unexpectedly, and make you jump around your room trying to find something decent to wear? 

Turtlenecks are a staple in a fall wardrobe, as they can make you feel put together, and ready to take on the day – or keep you warm on a chilly evening. Either way, purple, taupe, black and red are amazing colors that will look good on any skin tone. Solid colors allow you to mix and match different accessories without looking too over the top. Cute dress pants, some gold jewelry with some cute booties is all you need to look chic this fall. 

  • Patched/Checkered Pattern Bottoms

When we think of a checkered pattern, we immediately think about that basic, red and black flannel jacket that everyone and their mother wears. 

This trend has been emerging slowly. It’s definitely for those who are bold and like to stand out. These patch patters make it easy to pair with a basic black, brown or white top – along with some cute booties or sneakers. A perfect mix of rustic and modern. Top it off with a cute bucket hat and some hoop earrings and you’ll be set! The options with this fall must-have item are endless. 

  • Faux leather leggings

I do not know what else could make an outfit complete other than a nice pair of faux leather leggings that slim your waist, and make your butt look amazing! Everyone loves leggings, whether you wear it for working out, or lounging around – they go with everything. Step it up a notch this fall with a classic pair of faux leather leggings to immediately dress up a look. 

The right pair of leggings should hug your waist snug, yet, leave room for some flexibility. Pair it with a cute body suite, an oversized blazer, and your favorite accessories for a chic fall look.

  • Booties, Booties, Booties.

Forget about those knee-high boots that went out of style like, two seasons ago? Now, it’s all about these babies. Ankle booties!

They are comfortable, chic and can be worn for almost any occasion. Cute dress? Black booties. Burgundy body suite with some black dress pants? Pair with booties. Jeans and jacket? Pair it with some booties! The color of booties you’d want in your wardrobe is either black, dark brown, or grey! These colors go with everything – so you’ll always look your best. Neutrals are the way to go.

  • Suede Skirt 

Nothing screams fall like a cute skirt. This season we are aiming at the nice, faux suede material that looks cute and is super comfortable. Light pink, maybe an orangey color will make you stand out. Pair it with some patterned tights and black leather booties for a complete fall look.

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