9 Ways to Wear Tall Boots for Winter 2021/22

Last updated: February 16, 2022

The snow is slowly coming through which means it’s time to break out your long boots. The only question is, how to wear long boots with different outfits for the Winter? Dressing for Winter can be difficult and challenging, because on one hand, you want to be warm, but you don’t want to wear so much bulky clothes.

One area we can help with is your boots. There are many different types of long boots, such as a heeled, flat, riding boots, faux leather, or suede. The boots we’re going to go over are universal, so you can wear these out to the movies, work, school, running errands, grocery store, friends house, or even out to a bar.

There are many different types of boots to choose from, some of them include, the classic knee-high boots, perfect for a night out. Or riding boots for when the snow is really coming down and you want your feet to stay dry and stylish. There’re also tall boots that have a heel and are perfect for when you’re running out the door.

When going out to a bar, a club or restaurant, a suede knee high boot will be your best friend. Suede can be durable, and the classic black boot will go with any outfit you choose. For an added touch of chicness, you can go for a heeled knee-high boot

  1. You can wear knee high boots with skinny dress pants or skinny jeans. (We don’t recommend wearing flared bottoms with these, as it may look awkward).

2. If the weather isn’t too bad, and you’re going into a hot club, then wear these boots with a faux leather skirt for a cute night on the town outfit.

3. Cozy vibes calls for big oversized sweaters and these boots. They make the perfect Fall/Winter outfit come together.

Faux leather or suede dressy tall boots are great for work as they are both casual and can be professional.

  1. A pair with a slight heel can be dressed up with a pair of black dress pants, a button up shirt or blouse. Keep it monochromatic with either all black, or neutral colors.

2. If you want to feel a little dangerous then a long dress with these boots will be the perfect look! It doesn’t look tacky or out of place, it somehow just works.

3. To take it up a notch, a heeled dress boot can be worn with some flared bottoms. This is the only time it is acceptable to wear tall boots with flared pants.

To really get into the Winter weather, tall riding boots are a no brainer. They’re unique and can be worn with many different types of outfits. For those cold and snowy days we recommend going for these types of boots, especially faux leather since it can keep your feet nice and warm.

  1. Keep it somewhat professional and chic with these light brown riding boots perfect for a casual type outfit. Paired with your favorite jeans this is a go-to look. Too add a hint of distinctiveness throw on a blazer for a completed look.

2. For cold days you can layer on the nice winter jackets and keep it stylish with these boots. They look fabulous paired with oversized jackets.

3. We love contemporary looks with long coats and skirts to wear with these boots. You can look and feel stylish just by throwing on an oversized blazer, and some accessories.

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