5 Summer Styling Tips: How to Look More Fashionable

Last updated: June 26, 2021

Make every day like you are going out to a fashion show – look fashionable, stylish, and trendy for Summer 2021. How to look more fashionable you may ask? Well, there are a few styling tips we have that will make any outfit look more presentable and make you look incredibly good. 

Be Instagram ready to take amazing outfit photos when you are out on the town – going to brunch or stepping out for a night out. 

Layer it up:

One of the best tips we have is to add layers. Of course, we suggest this route for the evening time when the weather is cooler because you do not want to be sweating through your outfit in the hot sun. 

Adding a cropped cardigan to a body suit with high waisted jeans is super cute or wearing a long sleeve under a satin dress is even better. It is little things like that that will make you look more fashionable. Do not go for anything too bulky, keep it simple – A Faux leather jacket overtop any outfit will also elevate that look.

Unique Accessories:

Sunglasses, Jewelry, Bag – Those are the three accessories you need to look more fashionable. Those big sunglasses are out, they were totally fashionable 10 years ago, but not anymore. We love the slim cat eye sunglasses with different shapes. Rectangle, circle, or cat eye – opt for one of these unique shapes to finish off your outfit. 

As for Jewelry, these unique looking rings are totally in right now. Everyone loves the dainty gold/silver pieces but add a little spice to your hands by wearing different color rings with different shapes. Finally, your bag. Simple is better! Forget those $5000 designer bags and go to your nearest boutique and get a patterned shoulder bag – we love bold colors and animal print. 

Experiment: colors & patterns 

Step out of your comfort zone and learn how to match different color & different patterned clothing items. It does not have to be runway ready, but it must be tasteful. Our rule of thumb is, keep it plain with a pop of color. 

Buy more fitted clothes.

We do not want to wear anything too tight or too loose fitting otherwise you look messy. Find your perfect size, and if it is difficult go get those items tailored. You will keep them longer and find more use for them! Otherwise, if it does not fit, you are just going to throw it to the side. 

High waisted fitted jeans will be your best friend this summer, along with fitted dress pants for a high class look. 

Monochromatic Matching Sets 

Finally, the number one way to look more fashionable is to go for a monochromatic look, which means the entire outfit is essentially one color – or various shades of the same color. We love this look because it just looks high class and professional. You will be put together, and I promise you, people will come up and compliment your outfit. 

A faux leather beige skirt with a nude bodysuit and some nude heels looks fabulous. Or you can go for an all-black look with leggings and a faux leather blazer.

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