14 Outfit Ideas to Wear to Achieve the Tomboy Look

Last updated: August 11, 2021

The term tomboy and sweatwear inspired fashion i feel are synonymous with each other. Both of them involve rocking an edgy look that is both cool and casual. We’ve divided it into a few simple categories and outfit types that involve collared shirts, sweaters, sneakers, kicks and a nice pair of sweats to bring it all together. The tomboy aesthetic is for those who want to be edgy yet comfortable, while being fashionable all at the same time. If done right, you can achieve the tomboy look with minimal effort.

Don’t forget accessories, you can amp it up with a baseball hat or a nice pair of shades with chunky bracelet. If you’re looking for some inspiration to achieve this type of look then go through and get inspired. These outfits are all do-able and easy to achieve!

Sweats & Hoodies

Collared Patterned Shirt

A patterned collard shirt has a little flare of masculinity but that’s what we are going for. Make it a little baggy and pair it with pants that are either the same color or darker, and you got the perfect casual tomboy look.

Basic Neutral Sweats

This style is a no brainer. A baggy sweat and a basic top is easily achievable and looks great on everyone. It gives off a laid back, chill vibe which is what we’re going for.

Baseball caps and oversized jackets

This is also a masculine tomboy look by pairing your outfits with a baseball cap and oversized distressed jackets. Go for darker tones such as grey and black with distressed parts or large logo’s on them. You can add an oversized jacket to any outfit and it’ll automatically make it edgier.

Basic and Baggy Overalls

You don’t see overalls being rocked out nowadays but they totally should be. They’re super easy to wear, put together and the baggier ones give a casual vibe that is definitely what a tomboy would wear. Keep it simple.

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