Why Mom Jeans Are Taking Over The Fashion World

Last updated: February 14, 2022

Say good-bye to skinny jeans. Sure, we loved wearing them back in middle and high school, but trends change and this is one that i can get on board with. While skinny jeans can also be stylish, they can also be constricting and tight. Mom jeans fit better at the waist while making it easy to dress up or down an outfit.

With mom jeans, you get a feeling that dates back to the 80’s-90’s, which had amazing style back in those days. Mom jeans look the best when you’re going for a more basic look such as a black body suit, t-shirt, or a crew neck sweater. Pair with a white trainers or sneakers and you got your self a whole new look.

Mom jeans are also good for boho looks, where you want to throw something together quickly, or when you want to dress it up, which you can with a cute jacket or blazer. Mom jeans are more comfortable and typically are a light wash which allows you to match with any other color clothing items!

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