How to Make Your Wardrobe Summer Ready: Pastel Edition

Last updated: April 18, 2021

This pastel movement style is a style that is unique, flattering and perfect for the summer time. Not the pastel, but the retro style that goes along with it. Fun colors and fun looks are what makes summer such a fun time.

To add a little spice to your outfit, have one item that is a pastel purple, green, or pink, or even blue. To pull this off, you should go for an all neutral color with a pop of that pastel color. A cute cropped cardigan or tank top would be that perfect item you need.

If you’re really wanting to go for a bold look, go for an all pastel outfit while mix and matching different tones such as green and pink (Cosmo & Wanda vibes anyone?). You can also go for an all monochromatic outfit with both a pastel color bottom and top, and accessories. What better way to enjoy summer than to have the most unique outfit?

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