Essential Items You Should You Pack For A Weekend Getaway

Last updated: June 11, 2021

I’m sure we have all asked ourselves this question maybe once, or many times. Summer vacation is here, and we are living for all the post-COVID activities. Road trips, beach dates, and exploring a different country means you need to figure out what you are going to wear. 

So…What essential items should you pack for a weekend getaway?

Typically, for a weekend getaway you stay in your own country and just travel to another City or State, so you should have a pretty good idea of what activities and shenanigans you’re going to get up to. International travel is a whole other ballgame. 

Sunhats, Baseball Hats or Any Hat

Regardless of where you are going, you should pack a sunhat, or baseball cap. You do not want to get sunburnt on your head or face, and you do not want to get pre-mature wrinkles. Even if its cloudy, those sun rays are deadly.

We love basic baseball caps, either black, white, or pink with a logo – nothing too bold because we want the rest of the outfit to be the focus. Your sunhat should also be a basic summer style straw hat, with maybe a cute ribbon attached to it, and don’t forget sunglasses!

Basic Block Heels & White Sneakers

These two items are must-haves fashion items for any trip because a) you will probably go to some nice restaurant for dinner, or a club, and b) if you’re exploring the city or town, or going for a hike, you need comfortable shoes.

 Keep it simple and basic, with a pair of black or nude block heels that’ll go with jeans, dresses or skirts; and a white sneaker or sport shoe that has some cushion or support, so you don’t get blisters. 

Long Knitted Cardigan

A long cardigan is perfect for those long road trips where you want to feel all cozy and nice, or for chilly days. Either way, for a weekend getaway, a cardigan is perfect for any event – can be dressed up or down or used to cover up. Even if its super-hot and sunny, you should pack at least one just in case. 

We want to go for simplicity and a monochromatic style, so that whatever you are wearing does not clash with the cardigan itself, especially if it wasn’t part of your initial outfit. A basic knitted cardigan will do just fine. Ensure the colors are neutral so black, beige, grey, green or a brown are the to-go colors. 

Umbrella or Waterproof Jacket

This is just a given. You never know if the weather is going to take a turn so be prepared. A small umbrella or a waterproof jacket won’t take up a lot of space. 

Dressy Top or Blouse

Sometimes on weekend getaways, we’re going to go for fancy dinner’s or you want to look nice cause you’re seeing an old friend; packing one fancy top is a must have because plans change and you don’t want to be showing up in a hoodie. 

A collared top with little bit of designs such as pearls is an underrated piece but oh so stylish. A long sleeve satin blouse is one of our favorites because outfits with satin tops or dresses are high fashion and classy. The evening time calls for darker colors, so a dark blue or black blouse would be your best bet. 

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