Best Couples Matching Instagram outfits

Last updated: February 20, 2022

More and more fashion couples display their stylish ensembles on Instagram every day. It is a stylish way of sharing affection and expressing love for each other. From David and Victoria Beckham’s matching iconic looks back in the ’90s to contemporary Instagram couples, the phenomenon of couples dressed alike has been happening for years.

Whether you and your partner are off to a party or you decide to put on color-coordinated outfits for a special occasion, it’s fun to experiment with new looks. Try to bond with your significant other and create together cute date outfits and casually lounging ensembles. Here’s a list of the top fashion couple’s Instagram accounts to get inspired!

Casual wear

Denim on denim

For a casual picnic or a morning stroll in the city, a great way to do couple twining is to match two or more striking shades, like blue and white. Opt for a denim-on-denim look combining blue denim jeans with a white cropped top for you and a white oversized tee for your partner. If one of you goes for blue denim jeans, the other may carry a blue denim jacket to create a balance. 

Remember that dark colors tend to match better with light clothes, while bold shades are often best paired with pastel tones. 


Color Combos

You can mix and match opposite colors like black and white or complementary color pairs like red-green, yellow–purple, or blue–orange. 
For him: try black denim pants, a black muscle tee, a baseball cap, and black Converse shoes. 
For her: opt for a white bodysuit, white denim jeans, white Converse, and a bucket hat. 

This is a classic combination that you and your partner will wear over and over. 


If you want to create a more edgy street style look, add leather jackets on top and switch your shoes to black combat boots. Wear a white tee underneath that acts as a blank canvas so you can experiment with different textures.


Pattern Combos

Use the same pattern or print in both outfits. Stripes, plaid, gingham, dots are perfect patterns for matching coupling looks. If you want to create a softer and harmonious look, opt for a classic beige trench coat. It is the ultimate key piece that holds together the two looks and creates a balance.


When the temperature drops, opt for a cozy autumn look with your partner. Choose neutral shades like brown, camel, cream white, buttery yellow in your corresponding ensembles. A great way to master this is to layer different shades of one color and create two monochromatic looks.


Athleisure wear

If you and your partner love doing workouts together, creating a coordinated look can be fun and easy. Choose to buy a set as one so you can mix and match the pieces in different ways. Puffers work perfectly with leggings, sweatpants, and sweaters. Paired with a beanie and sneakers, you have the perfect matchy-matchy winter look. 


Wear sports lux sweatsuits of the same brand or matching sneakers to achieve an athleisure aesthetic.


Formal wear

Whether you’re heading to a wedding, a business party, or a formal dinner with your date, choosing an outfit that complements each other can be a great choice.
Take a single color from the other person’s outfit and incorporate it into your own. If he wears a formal suit and a tie, match your dress or the shoes with the color of the tie to inject some more interest.


Another way to perfect the matching task is by wearing the same accessories. The subtle details are those that create the perfect couple attire. Wear unisex accessories, such as sunglasses, hats, or jewelry like rings and bracelets that match.


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