Back to School: High Schooler Outfit Edition

Last updated: July 29, 2021

It’s almost that time of year ago…Yep, back to school. And back from a pandemic and online learning. No more sitting on a zoom call in your pyjamas napping throughout the day. Now you’ll actually need to get ready and see people. High school is the best time to experiment with your look, but keep in mind that schools still do have dress codes. Therefore, we’ve picked some cute outfits that is perfect for back to school without getting you in trouble.

Layered Tank Top

A super cute trend is layering tank tops over t-shirts such as long sleeve blouses or even short sleeved tops. A modest yet stylish way to customize your outfit especially in a school setting where there’s stricter dress code rules.

Basic Mom Jeans & T-Shirt

Keep it simple and basic, and you cannot go wrong with a jeans and a t-shirt. This outfit requires minimal effort, is super comfortable and can be thrown on when you wake up late for class! You can add more to it by pairing it with a faux leather jacket for more style.

Casual Shackets

Accessorize or cover up any outfit with a cute shacket. It’s more of a casual fashion item but super cute and there’s so many different patterns to choose from. Checkered is the most common, but a plain neutral color shacket will go with any outfit you put together and is comfortable, and creates a chill look when you want to hangout with friends after school!


Need we say more? Everyone has hoodies and it suits every outfit that you put together – dress, leggings, jeans or skirts – a paired hoodie will work.

Tights & Skirts

This is a flirty and girly outfit, especially if you like to dress up for school. A colored pair of tights are really in right now, and the closer we get to fall, you’ll see these outfits more and more. A Cute sweater and a crossbody bag should be paired with this outfit, so you’re ready for the school year.

Doc Martens Outfits

You have to pick some shoes to wear, can’t just go barefoot. We move Doc Martens because they are stylish, edgy and comfortable. A pair of black doc martens will go with any outfit you put together.

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