The Clean Girl Aesthetic Everyone Should Try Out

Last updated: May 26, 2022

The clean girl aesthetic is a popular fashion and makeup trend that has taken over the internet all over Instagram and Fashion Tik Tok. The clean girl aesthetic is a style of dressing that is characterized by minimalistic, modern, and chic outfits that are often worn with a feminine touch. The main idea behind the clean girl aesthetic is to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. There is no need for big jewelry or complicated patterns. The focus is on soft colors and simple cuts and silhouettes.

Clean fashion can be seen as the opposite of fast fashion because it is made with sustainable materials and often has an ethical component to it. The look is a variety of light and airy. It usually consists of pastels, white, cream or ivory, with pops of color. The focus is on the clothes being soft to the touch and draping beautifully over the body without clinging too tightly. A little detail here or there can be beautiful.Many people find clean girls trend appealing, because it equates with higher quality items that last a long time.

One of the outcomes of this clean girl aesthetic is the creation of a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a carefully curated selection of clothing and accessories that can be mixed and matched to create an infinite number of outfits…One of the main influences of a capsule wardrobe is parisian fashion!

This type of wardrobe allows you to buy less and get more wear out of your clothes. It also saves time by cutting down the decision-making process, which can take hours when shopping for a new outfit. The goal of a capsule wardrobe is to have everything you need in order to create different outfits with minimal effort.

The following are some common styles for clean girl clothing which includes basic white collared shirt and a pair of black shoes, plain skirt, oversized blazer and/or shacket and a cardigan in either black or grey with the sleeves folded over.- Black skinny jeans, slides and flats, button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up over the cuffs. – There are a lot of options even in the world of denim! You’ll need a pair of light wash jeans either straight leg or wide leg.

Some examples below show the simplicity of this trend and how flattering it can be for any body shape and skin color. You can re-use the same pieces to create completely different outfits.

A clean girl aesthetic outfit can create professional workplace outfits by wearing a simple, chic and well-fitted dress. For example, you could wear a white button-down shirt tucked into a high-waisted black pencil skirt with black pumps. This outfit would be an appropriate choice for a girl who likes to feel put together with the latest and greatest fashion trends. A clean girl aesthetic is not defined by one specific style or color. It’s about making sure that you look put together, trendy and chic.

Some staple pieces include:

1) White Dress: This is a great outfit for any occasion and it can be worn at day or night. Pair it with some nude heels and a cute shoulder bag and you’re good to go!

2) Black Dress & Faux leather blazer : These two items are perfect for any occasion, such as going out for brunch, hanging out with friends, taking Instagram photos and even going out for a coffee. You could wear this with some black chunky boots and an oversized leather jacket for an alternative punk look.

3) Straight Leg Wide trousers: Airy, comfortable and chic, a pair of white and/or cream trousers can be super versatile in anyone’s wardrobe. Perfect for those who work in corporate!

4) Basic Bodysuits : We’ve seen a growing trend of black, brown, and beige bodysuits that really hug your curves, are seamless and can work with many different outfits.

5) Mules & Booties: These shoes are high fashion and trendy for this aesthetic. Mules are perfect for any occasion, and they don’t even have to be flats. Dress it up with high heel mules for a sophisticated look. Booties also serve the same purpose. We all can’t wear stilettos, so booties are the perfect alternative.

6) Shoulder Bags: Add a pop of color with a mini shoulder bag. It’s simple, chic, and goes with many different outfits! You can keep your essentials because this aesthetic doesn’t want big tote bags.

7) Jumpsuits: Super simple to throw on and walk out the door! You can dress it up or down with different shoes like sneakers or heels!

This aesthetic is also popular among women who want to wear modest clothing. Modest clothing is often a requirement for women in the workplace, or just personal preference, or even a religious requirement such as women who wear the Hijab. You may be attending a formal event, or meeting conservative family members. These all have led to a rise in the demand of modest outfits.

Some of these outfits include:

1) A long sleeve shirt with a high neckline and slacks or jeans

2) A dress with a high neckline, a high waisted skirt, or oversized cardigan.

3) A tunic top or dress with leggings

4) A maxi skirt with tights or leggings

The trend of wearing clean makeup, or makeup that looks like you’re not wearing any makeup, is a popular one and part of this entire aesthetic. It’s not to say that it’s the only trend in beauty, but it’s a big one. There are so many different ways to wear clean makeup and we’re going to explore some of them today.

The trend consists of using a light foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer, blush and mascara. It is meant to give the skin a natural look without looking too done up or heavy. The simple makeup trend is all about the natural look. It’s a more minimalistic way of doing your makeup, with a focus on skin care, using only a small amount of products and colors.

This trend is perfect for those who like to keep things simple and take their time when applying their makeup. It’s also great for people who are new to wearing makeup and want to learn the basics before they start experimenting with more complicated looks.

Some looks include:

1) Dewy “Glass Skin” makeup

2) Fluffy brows

3) Fox Eye Makeup

4)High shine lip gloss

We’ve definitely taken a turn from the fashion and makeup trends from 2016 to 2020, going from the glam look with statement jewelry pieces or outrageous outfit combinations to simple, sophisticated and chic. The clean girl aesthetic is here to stay and you’ll love how it makes you look and feel!