Summer Outfit Trends to Try Out This Season

Last updated: June 30, 2022

Womens summer outfits are about to get a lot more interesting. The heatwave is coming, and with it comes the need to dress appropriately for the weather. But what’s new in this season’s fashion trends?

In the past, summer was all about bikinis and sundresses. However, this year there are many new styles of womens summer outfits that are coming out in stores. It seems that designers have finally realized that women want more than just a bikini or sundress when they’re going out on the town during a heatwave.

This section will talk about the trends in women’s summer outfits, including what is popular this year and how to dress for both work and play. Some of the trends in women’s summer outfits include:

Tennis Skirts & High Waisted Shorts: Mini tennis skirts are an upcoming trend that everyone is buying up. These skirts are super flattering, show a lot of leg, and look great when paired with a polo crop top, and some white sneakers. High waisted shorts are perfect for those who love the high waisted look while staying fashionable and cool this summer.

Maxi Dresses: It’s no joke that Kim Kardashian’s clothing line has come out with some very flattering clothing items that suit every women regardless of skin tone and size. What’s gaining attraction are these sundresses that act like shapewear by contouring your curves, while maintaining a flattering silhouette.

Sundresses: Perfect for the beach or a summer walk, a flowy sundress dress or skirt can be dressed up for an elegant look or of a more bohemian casual look. You can also wear these to a family BBQ or beach event!

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Mini Dresses: For a more cute outfit idea, a mini dress is perfect for a hot summer date when you’re going out with your partner or taking trendy Instagram pictures. You can also get different styles such as a satin cowl neck line, or bustier type of cut.

Athletic Rompers: We’ve probably seen all over Tik Tok and Instagram these athletic rompers that combine biker shorts with a tank top. These seamless rompers are thing, breathable, and perfect if you are into basic fashion.

Platform Sandals: The 90s ain’t no joke. These platform sandals are a blast from the past and have many different styles to choose from. There are velcro style platforms, there are also wedge platforms and extra high heel platform sandals. They feel great, and are perfect to wear to the beach in lieu of a bikini or swimsuit, or can be used for that summer time jog.

Wide Leg Cargo Pants: The streetwear outfit style is staying around for good, and cargo pants are what you need this summer. They’re perfect for a casual, effortless look when you want to throw something on. For those chilly summer nights, an oversized hoodie will complete the outfit.

Some accessories for this summer will include slim 90s style sunglasses, silk bandadas, and cute mini bags.

Some other trends of the summer is also wearing bright pastel colors. Bright colors are fun and you can wear them in many different ways. A popular way to wear these colors is a color block outfit which combines two or more pieces of clothing with similar colors, such as red and white or green and blue. You can also opt for a monochromatic look.

Another trend is the fabric type you should go for when exploring these clothing items, such as cotton, flowy, light weight, and/or canvas material. These will let your body breath throughout the hot summer days!