How to Wear Low Rise Jeans

Last updated: January 6, 2023

Remember when everyone used to wear low rise jeans? It was a huge trend for a while during the Y2K era, and then they were hated on. Now, most people look back on that era in shame. 

However, it didn’t last long, low rise jeans are back with a vengeance and making a fashion comeback. You can see them on the fashion runways, billboards, and just on everyday people walking down the street. 

Even so, these jeans have been redone, and are no longer symbols of scarily skinny figures. Now, they are made for everyone, to help accentuate curves and show off your figure more. Low rise jeans can be comfortable for many, as you no longer have buttons digging into your stomach, or your pants getting too tight after a meal. 

Plus, they are versatile. Check out these 20 images below to see how you can use low rise jeans to your advantage. 

  1. With a Cropped Shirt

Image Via @GarageClothing

  1. With a Shirt That Dips at the Stomach

Image Via @lauracouturier

  1. With an Oversized Sweater

Image Via @nicoleolivieri321

  1. With Layers

Image Via @styleblueprint

  1. When You Want to Be Revealing and Flirty

Match this outfit: Jeans, G-String, Bag, Shirt

  1. With a Textured Shirt

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  1. With a Cropped Shirt and Jacket

Get the boots at Nasty Gal

  1. With a Fitted Long Sleeve

Image Via @ikachavchani

  1. With a Cropped Sweater

Image Via @samanthapitts_

  1. With A Longer Shirt

Image Via @danydannydanya

  1. Baggy and Flirty

Match this outfit: Jeans, Puffer, Fitted Crop

  1. With a Belt

Image Via @citizensofhumanity

  1. With Stomach Decoration

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  1. Baggy and Old School

Get the jeans at Minga

  1. With a Tucked-in Shirt
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Match the outfit: Shoes, Headband, Jeans

  1. Loose and Flirty

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  1. Loose and Baggy

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  1. Bandana Shirt and Stomach Jewelry

Match this outfit: Jeans, Top 

  1. With a Tucked-in Sweater

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  1. With Accessories

Image Via @scrappydoobyd00

What do you think? Have these jeans made a comeback? Maybe you’re already looking at where to purchase a pair and an outfit to go with them, or maybe you think this is a trend that should comfortably live in the past.