How To Style Baggy Jeans | Baggy Jeans Outfits

Last updated: October 19, 2022

Inspired by the 90s, the baggy jean trend has made a comeback and we doubt it’s going anywhere. With this style of pants you can create any look you want but what we want to show you is the streetwear fashion trend, or the oversized look. This can totally be inspired by both new and old school rappers who would wear baggy jeans, oversized hoodies and bubble jackets.

Baggy jeans can be worn year round but you’ll probably see them more during Fall and Winter because a lot of them are paired with other oversized items like hoodies, layered jackets, blazers, and t-shirts. These jeans can also be super comfortable since they’re loose around your legs.

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So in order to style baggy jeans, you need to know what type of look you’re going for. If it’s super casual, than a light wash pair of jeans with an oversized hoodie and dad sneakers will want to be your go to. This is the main vibe of the jeans.

For a more semi casual look you can pair your baggy jeans with a cute blouse or oversized blazer. This look is great if you’re going for a coffee date, the mall or just out taking pictures. Either way, this can be your semi-casual look. If you want to forego the sneakers, you can add some chunky boots.

You can’t necessary dress up baggy jeans but there’s so many different items you can add to your look that you’ll probably won’t be disappointed in. If you’re laid back, want to put something on quickly without much effort than get yourself a pair of baggy pants.

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To accessorize your look you want to add a medium to large size bag, whether it is a tote bag or cross body bag. You’re already wearing baggy jeans so it’s more fitting to have a larger bag to go with the style.