20 Transitional Outfits to Wear This Winter Season

Last updated: February 1, 2023

Switching seasons has to be done transitionally. You can’t just pull out your big puffy jackets on
the days between winter and fall. Otherwise, you may find yourself getting too hot, or not quite
matching the style.

That’s where transitional outfits come in. Transitional outfits help to fill those gaps between the
winter and fall where the colors are still coming from the trees, but it is a little on the cold side, or
when it is still a little warm, but you did just get some snow.

Mix and match pieces from both of your wardrobes to get something cute and unique. Need
some inspiration? Look at these 20 images below.

1.   Fall Colors, Winter Outfit

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2.   Knit Sweater

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3.   Add a Flannel

Image Via @society19

4.   Casual Winter

Image Via @curatedscientist

5.   Baggy and Beautiful

Match the outfit: Top, Blazer, Loafers

6.   Nude

Image Via @riegibson_

7.   Sweater Dress

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8.   Matching Colors

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9.   Cute and Warm

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10.       Add a Jacket

Image Via @ariannavm

11.       Fuzzy Jacket

Image Via @chelita20091381

12.       Patterns

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13.       Long Coats

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14.       Skirt and Sweater

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15.       Chunky

Image Via @streetstylis

16.       Add a Pinch of Personality

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17.       Where it’s Cold

Image Via @drmarano551

18.       Layers

Image Via @Puresthetic

19.       Not too Cold for Shorts

Image Via @rbpagani160

20.       Winter Athletic

Match the outfit: Vest, Oversized Sweatshirt, Hat, Glasses

Now that you’ve looked at these 20 pictures, you are ready to go and get started on your own transitional outfits! Have fun and enjoy the best of two great seasons!