17 Sexy Valentines Day Outfits

Last updated: February 1, 2023

Whether you are single or going on a date for Valentine’s Day, you want to be able to look your
best. If you’re single, you want to flaunt it, and if you are on a date, you want to make sure
everyone is jealous of your partner. But what exactly should you wear?

While sexy doesn’t necessarily mean skimpy, that’s what you can often find when you start
looking for sexy outfits. However, it is possible to remain sexy while staying modest. No matter
which side you prefer, these 17 outfits below are sure to impress any date, or just make eyes
follow you as you walk down the street.

  1. Red, White, and Pants

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  1. Suit and Lingerie

Image Via @itsmeganblog

  1. Slim and Mini

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  1. Jean Skirt and a Bralette

Image Via @society19

  1. Two Piece

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  1. Black and Brilliant

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  1. Dress and Tights Can’t Go Wrong

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  1. Thigh Highs and Cleavage

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  1. Cute, Classic, and Frilly

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  1. Yellow and Gold

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  1. Floral Babydoll

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  1. Red in Love

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  1. Casual but Sexy

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  1. Barely There

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  1. Make Them Miss You

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  1. Keep it Simple

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  1. Cute but Functional

Image Via @thelton98

Well, there you have it, 17 different Valentine’s outfits. Whether you want to go all out and
make sure every eye is on you or you want to be more modest, these outfits allow you to be