Women’s Fashionable Shorts Perfect for Summer 2021/2022

Last updated: June 4, 2021

Hot weather, beaches, pools, parks and outdoor patios require a stylish outfit that keeps you cool for the summer time. Nowadays we forget about the jean shorts that have been trending since the 90s and move over to fabric shorts, paperbag shorts, patterned shorts and even biker shorts! So if you’re looking for jean styles this isn’t for you…We’re moving towards different patterns and fabrics that both flatter every body shape and is good for summer time shenanigans!

We love the paperbag pattern that was prevalent in joggers, so we’re shortening it up and making them into shorts. This type of style goes perfect with a basic bodysuit and some heel sandals or mules.

Another style is biker shorts which we’ve seen all over Instagram that is usually paired with oversized t-shirts and sneakers. Otherwise, you can always go for a fabric style of shorts or patterned style that is more unique; either way these are fashionable shorts perfect for Summer 2021!

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