What To Wear If You Have Thick Calves and Ankles

Last updated: September 27, 2021

Wondering how to get dressed when you have curvy calves/ or ankles? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered girl. It’s not about following strict body rules but suggesting ways to flatter a part of your body, in this case, let’s talk about legs!

Jeans & Trousers

 Your trousers should flare below the knee, so opt for a high rise, stretch jean with a straight leg and finished hem, boot-cut or flares are also ideal for you. Opt for full-length jeans to hide bigger calves. Avoid wearing tight trousers that taper towards the ankle as the material will cling to the calves and enhance their size. Your best bet is solid colored pants in a dark color, but make sure they’re not too skinny. You want to create a monochromatic look that makes your legs look longer and slimmer! 

Jumpsuits & Suits

Choose a one-piece jumpsuit to create a monochromatic look. This not only will elongate your legs but also will draw attention to other parts of your body! Choose one that has a loose, wide-leg shape and define your waist with a belt to create a balance between your upper and bottom body. Also, a tailored-fit suit with a long blazer and high-waisted pants is a killing-combo! You can either go with one color from head to toe or mix&match!

Skirts & Dresses

The truth is you can wear everything you want and no one should tell you the opposite! Many think that skirts aren’t very flattering for a body type with thick calves and ankles, but there are a lot of ways to make them work for you. The key is to avoid a pencil and clingy skirts that taper and stop either before or at mid-calf. Instead, choose a hemline that either finish below the knee or an ankle-length (A-line skirts are perfect!). The general rule is the wide the hemline, the slimmer your legs look. Regarding dresses, you can go for maxis with a high side slit to add some allure and sexiness to your look!


When you select a shoe, choose a style that balances a bigger calf. The make and style of the shoe are as important as the heel that comes with it. Avoid skinny stilettos, spike, kitten heels and shoes with ankle straps, which create too much contrast and exaggerate large calves. All of these styles will draw the eye to your bigger calves. Pointed toed shoes tend to be more flattering, while visually slim and elongate. You’re better off with a medium-height heel, that balance with your calves. A slingback shoe that wraps at the back of the ankle instead of in front is fine too. Remember: Nude shoes will save you, as you match the color of your skin to your shoes, you gain a few inches!


Choose boots that stop just below the knee when worn under your trousers -like Kim Kardashian wear those snakeskin printed boots and doesn’t expose them by wearing them with a shorter hemline dress. Try not to wear boots that stop mid-calf or below unless you plan on only wearing them with long trousers. Knee-length boots are your best option, but choose them in a dark color and with elastic side panels for the best comfort and fit. Avoid slouchy boots that give extra volume. Booties are tricky because they cut you off at the widest point. But if you love them, then wear ones the same color as your pants. If you go for a skirt, throw a pair of dark opaque tights with matching booties and your legs will instantly look slender!

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