Trendy Patterns for Fall 2021: All the Ways to Style Them!

Last updated: September 25, 2021

Fall is just around the corner and who doesn’t want to look their best? If you want to keep up with the fashion trends of fall 2021, you are in the right place! Leather jackets, skirt sets, printed sets, puffy sleeves, and textured styles. These are some of the biggest fall trends for 2021. But how can you pull off these looks? What pattern to choose? That’s a bigger question. So, let’s get you inside the world of trendy patterns for fall!

Which Prints and Patterns are Trendy in Fall 2021?

Some of the 2021 fall/winter pattern trends include:

  • Animal Prints
  • Floral Prints (mainly daisy)
  • Colorful Checkerboard Pattern
  • Bad and Boujee Prints
  • Knit Textures

Which Colors are Trendy in Fall 2021?

Trendy colors of fall/winter 2021 include maroon, black, yellow, and pink. Some more choices can be pastels as they have been trendy the whole year.

Animal Prints

We have been seeing a lot of animal prints lately. Not only cheetah print but also snake print has been popular. For the fall, the best way to incorporate the animal print in your outfit is to get mock necks. Stretchy mock neck shirts and dresses will make your body look enthralling and spice up your whole outfit. You can pair up these mock necks with high-waisted jeans or simple culottes. Even skirts can make the animal print mock necks look mesmerizing.

Floral Prints

Floral prints aren’t left behind in the summer. These sweaters with chunky embroidered flowers are not only good for the warmth but also to allure everyone around you. We are sure you want to look cute, tempting, and modern at the same time. These floral patterns will get you there. Floral dresses have a huge variety to choose from. Surely, everyone can find their preferred style in this print.

Colorful Checkerboard Pattern

Why stay with black and white checkerboard patterns when you can use some colors? Yellow, pinks, blues, and other such soft girl colors look awesome in a checkerboard pattern. You can get a skirt set with such patterns or even mock necks or dresses. The choice is yours because this pattern will look chic in any way.

Bad and Boujee Prints

Want to keep your Insta Baddie self alive in the fall too? Get your hands on some bad and boujee prints. This is not a particular pattern or print. That’s why it is a personal favorite.The thing is: You can choose any graphic printed shirt, sweater, or mock neck and get this look.

Knit Textures

Knit textures were considered grandma in the past years. But this year, these patterns are considered trendy. And they do look elegant too. Do you feel super cold and want an ideal warm yet chic outfit idea? Here you go then! Knit textured long dresses are trendy for fall 2021 and make you look quite debonair.

So, which pattern is your favorite and how do you plan to style it? Fashion has no rules. The only rule is to wear whatever makes you feel confident, comfortable, and good about yourself

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