Tips & Tricks on How to Manage Frizzy Hair

Last updated: September 15, 2022

It’s not hard to see people battling with frizzy hair around you. The reality of many is that even after anti-frizzy hair products, nothing seems to work in the scorching sun that comes with summer. However, this is often attributed to waiting too long to apply the product after a shower. 

With that said, it is crucial to note that there is no one-size fit-it-all trick, no magic solution when it comes to managing frizzy hair. Although, hair product brands like to tell you otherwise. The truth is frizzy hair is not all bad. When done right, it can give your hair life and a cooler texture. Also, frizzy hair can either be crown or halo.

While there are people that might not like the idea of rocking frizzy hair. Especially those that were not intended. There are ways to go about it. That is why we have come up with the following tips and tricks on how to manage frizzy hair.

A Good Haircut Goes A Long Way

A good haircut in the management of frizzy hair is often underrated. But it does make a lot of difference. Good hair can help get rid of those dry and dead ends in your hair.

Also, a split end of hair goes way down to the strands. And that can make your hair frizzy and cause other damages to your hair. Therefore, we advise that you get that cut when those fraying starts getting obvious in your hair.

Furthermore, split ends often cause frizz in the hair. The frayed hair loses its moisture and causes the hair to frizz. The benefit of getting a haircut regularly cannot be undermined. But if you can’t afford to get a frequent once in every two months would still do some good.

Decide on a Great Hair Dryer

Does your frizzy hair drive you crazy and you don’t seem to know what to do about it? Maybe it’s time to change your hairdryer.

When you decide on a great hairdryer, it will help lay a foundation for better and smoother hair. However, a hairdryer is pricey does not necessarily mean it’s great. With that said, you should do your research before investing in any hair dryer.

Wash Smartly

Next up is washing your hair smartly with the right products. Hair products with high alcohol will dehydrate your hair and cause hair dryness. It’s more preferable to wash your hair with shampoo that comes with hydrating ingredients like glycerin, honey, coconut oil, shea butter, and many more.

Shampoo with these hydrating products will not only moisturize your hair. It will also absorb the moisture in the air. Thereby creating a protective coating over the strands of your hair.

Still on washing smartly. For those prone to frizzy hair, washing your hair should be done once or twice a week. Always remember, that balance should be the key when it comes to washing your hair.

When you wash too often, your hair will be stripped of its natural moisture. Thereby, having a frizzy look.

Only Style Your Hair When It’s Damp

As mentioned earlier, sometimes treating frizzy hair has little to do with the product you use. And more to do with when and how you use these products.

For those with curly hair, you might refrain from styling with hair products when it’s dry. That will prevent the product from working its wonders. As it will not saturate through your hair.

Consequently, your hair will be left frizzy or worse. So, the next time your hair looks frizzy when it’s damp. It’s going to be frizzy when it dries out. Styling your hair when it’s damp is one surefire way to manage that messy, frizzy hair of yours. You can then opt for a silk ponytail hairstyle if you want to reduce the frizz. We’ve even got a how to on how to achieve the perfect sleek hairstyle.

Use Conditioner & Heat Protectant

You can also manage frizzy hair by applying a small amount of conditioner after you’ve washed. If you have curly hair, leaving enough conditioner on your hair will make it feel like seaweed and diffuse dry, blowing your hair. It’s better to use dime size while you spread it throughout the shower.

That being said, we advise against applying products at the root of your hair. It’s much better to apply in the mid-shaft up till the end of your strands.

Reduce the use of hot tools on your hair. But on occasions, you can’t but use hot tools on your hair, it is preferable to use a heat protectant to minimize the damage to your hair.

You Can Also Manage Frizzy Hair While Resting

Here’s an interesting fact. You can also manage frizziness even while you are resting. We recommend that you endeavor to sleep in a hair mask that is covered by a shower cap at least once a week. 

You can also invest in a silky pillowcase. A silk pillowcase is not only good for your hair but also for your skin. It acts as velcro that latches onto the fiber in the hair. In a simpler term, it fixes the frizz in the hair.

Try Out Home Based Remedies

Conclusively, when a frizz tries to absorb the moisture out of the air, the hair layers or cuticles will swell up. Instead of lying flat. The cuticles consist of overlapping scales that separate the moisture in the hair.

You can also manage frizzy hair by trying out home-based remedies. These remedies come with benefits that will help moisture your hair and improve the health of your hair. Some of them include:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Argan oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Avacado
  • Egg and many more.