The Hottest Fall Transeasonal Fashion Trends for 2020

Last updated: November 1, 2020

If you’re looking for autumn fashion trends for 2020 and 2021, browse these are the ones that dominated the runways during fashion week. From vintage pieces to classic textured outerwear, you’ll be all bundled up for winter in no time. 


Over the last couple of weeks, this trend has exploded everywhere! You know what I’m talking about- Sweater Vests. It is so easy to wear and style them. Either you prefer a more boyish oversized version or a feminine cropped fitted, it’s certain that will add a cool edgy vibe to your look. Choose an oversized black vest and paired it over a white t-shirt dress! The fact that they both are baggy and loose, make the outfit so comfy and stylish. 


It’s a popular style for the whole year but it has been tailored for this fall. Statement, voluminous baby doll dresses, a dreamy combination of chic and effortless. The new iterations are made up of tiered skirts, satin finishes, and other novel details that keep the A-line dress from appearing too juvenile. Go for a shorter hem dress, combined with over-the-knee boots perfectly.


Absolutely a must for this autumn season! Shackets (aka a combo of shirt+jacket) comes in many variations and styles make it so difficult to choose. For a transitional look, try to add heavier layers to build your outfit. Style a halter cropped top by adding a woolen checked shacket on top and bootcut jeans to complete the look.


A pretty chic and timeless way to dress especially for fall&winter.

There’s a ton of head-to leather looks that’s really hot this year but this fall this trend it’s going to be HUGE! Oversized leather blazer or jacket, so fashionable and very functional, that actually will keep you warm too. To pair with that choose a small, tight top and dad-fit high-waisted long jeans to achieve a ’90s inspired street appearance.


Throughout the year this trend has made a major comeback. Usually what comes to mind is a flood of prep-school uniforms, stuffy plaid, collars, pleated skirts, sweater vests that points back to this school girl feel. Wear a crewneck sweater with a white-collar shirt underneath and a mini pleated skirt. As for shoes, ankle boots or sneakers are an ideal option.


From fashion runways of Prada and Saint Laurent, the prints of this ’70s era are coming back in a bold, busy and vibrant way, combining a bohemian style and an edgy street look. Visit a vintage shop to get an actually 70s shirt or find on stores a remake of a print. The way that you could style this is so many different ways – tied up into a crop top, unbuttoned with a bralette underneath or half-tucked in your pants. Paired it with straight-leg leather pants, to give a contrast of funky print against an edgy faux leather. For shoes, choose a pair of white booties like a pop at the bottom.

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