The 6 Summer Chic Items To Get For Your Man

Ladies, we’re a little bit more proficient when it comes to dressing summer chic – our guys need a little help!

That’s why I’ve made this list of 6 amazing items to get for your man, just to help him stop wearing those cargo shorts and dad sandals and dress in something a little more… modern. Enjoy!

Electric Shaver

philips norelco trimmer

Summer is about staying cool and clean cut! An electric shaver is the perfect gift to have him looking amazing all summer.

Chino Pants


With summer here you don’t want your guy to burn up in a pair of stinky ol jeans! Though…some guys just don’t like shorts either, so a pair of lightweight chinos for men is the perfect answer!



Ok, it’s time to tell him to ditch those old cargo shorts with 12 pockets and slip into something more slim fitting and trendy. A pair of summer shorts shouldn’t go past the knees or wing out at the bottom like a skirt. The perfect pair is slim but breathable.


The best men’s fragrances are subtle, yet masculine, clean, fresh and airy…for the summer time, you want to get a scent that dries on the skin and reacts to heat. Certain fragrances are only meant for winter so be careful about picking out the right one!


mens sandles

Get him a pair of modern chic sandals and ditch the stinky old dad sandals! You want something that’s more than a regular pair of flip flops, but you don’t want to go overboard.



Watches are awesome! A summer time watch should have something called a Nato Strap which is a colorful strap you can put on any watch and give it a cool summer vibe.