Outfits to Wear at a Tropical Resort

Last updated: November 18, 2022

During the Wintertime it’s not uncommon to go on tropical trips to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba etc, to get away from the cold an enjoy some mid-year sun!

If you’re not used to a hot and humid climate and not sure what outfits to bring, then don’t worry, we got you covered.

Tropical resorts such as Cancun in Mexico are very humid and of course hot, with chances of rainstorms, so we recommend cotton or linen fabrics, so you won’t overheat.

Other staple items include sun dresses, maxi skirts, and tank tops. Stay away from bodysuits because they can be annoying, and the humidity can make it uncomfortable down there.

Some of us might not have enough space in our luggage so take that think about that and take some of these outfits into considerations to save you some space.

Rompers and Jumpsuits can be your best friend. They are simple and easy to throw on and there are so many styles that you’ll find one perfect for a night out, dinner date and even a trip to the beach.

For those late-night dinners on the resort, it may get a little cooler but still humid so a long flowy maxi dress will be prime because it’s practical, let’s in a nice breeze and can be formal enough for a dinner.

Skip the denim shorts and take with you some cotton and/or linen fabric shorts that way the denim won’t rub on your skin and cause a rash or make things uncomfortable especially if it’s humid and you’re sweating!

Of course, we love a cute crop top whether it is a halter top, strapless or strappy, a crop top is a must because we don’t want to overheat!

Finally, shoes. A pair of comfortable sandals, sneakers and a pair of heels is all you need. These go with everything and are perfect for the most common activities like a day at the beach, going into the city to explore, and of course a pair for a night out!