Outfit Trends for Women in Their 20s

Last updated: September 20, 2022

For those of us in our mid to late 20s, we sometimes feel a bit of a disconnect on how to dress because on one end we want to dress more sophisticated and our age, but we’re also drawn to the new Gen Z inspired outfit trends.

Fashion is super personal and should reflect your likes and your comfort level. If you like your own style than that’s all that matters! However, this is for those people who are in their 20s and want to elevate their style to a more mature and sophisticated aesthetic.

  1. Invest in good quality staple items

This is a no brainer. Fast fashion should be a thing of the past when you’re hitting your late 20s. You need quality staple items that you can mix and match to create different looks. We recommend creating a capsule wardrobe with all your items.

2. Skip the Flare

The entire flare jean / pants trend has come and it’s slowly making its way out the door. Instead of that flared look you should opt for a more straight leg style because it’ll make you look more put together and can be worn with a classy blouse and some sling backs.

3. High Heels

Invest in a good pair of high heels whether you’re a person who likes kitten heels or stilettos, you need a basic pair of black or nude pumps in your closet. A pair of heels can elevate an outfit like no other and can be worn with a casual look or dressed up.

4. Fitted Trousers

Going to work to looking your best means having a good quality pair of fitted trousers. Whether you go for faux leather pants or fabric, you cannot live in jeans for the rest of your life. A good pair of trousers will elongate your legs, snatch your waist and make you look sophisticated especially when you’re working a professional job.

5. Blouses NOT Crop tops

We all loved our crop tops at one point, but when you hit your late 20s, you’re kind of over that trend. A sophisticated and chic blouse will make you feel feminine and grown.