Outfit Inspirations for your At-home tinder date

Last updated: October 17, 2020

With social distancing protocols in place, it can be difficult to go out on dates. Now, the trend is to do a video chat date – even if you’re talking with someone over FaceTime, you still want to show off your sexy self. 

Here are a few cute outfits to put together for your steamy tinder date. 

Flirty Tank Top – A cut tank top but with a twist. Get yourself a tank top that has embroidery on it, or some thing that makes it stand out, such as lace trim. To add to this, if you’re not feeling comfortable showing too much skin, throw on a crop cardigan top. 

Lace Bodysuit – This is for those who want to be daring, and wear something scandalous. These lace bodysuits work well when you’re out at a club and they can also work well when you’re chilling on the couch hoping the wifi connection doesn’t go out. 

Graphic Tee – If you are someone who prefers comfort over everything else, go with a simple graphic or band tee. Just make sure you are accessorizing!

Turtleneck/Sweaters – Sweaters have a place in my heart because they are so versatile and flatter everybody type. If you want to be cozy and cute then get your favorite sweater and throw that on. Highly recommend going for a bolder color so you stand out more. 

Pants? – You may have notices I didn’t really include bottoms, this is because typically with a video date , the person doesn’t see the bottom half – but hey, if you want to show off everything, here are some cute bottoms you could wear. 

-Stretchy Flare Pants

– Suede Skirt 

– Distressed Jeans. 

Accessories – For accessories, wear something simple so that it’s not distracting. A simple pair of hoop earrings, or a dainty necklace will do the trick! 

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