Korean Streetwear Fashion Trends for Both Men & Women

Last updated: June 16, 2021

It is no joke that Korea, and most Asian countries have had a huge influence in the Fashion world. One of the emerging styles that we have yet to see in the America’s and Europe is Korean streetwear; the streetwear aesthetic, clothing, and fashion trends are out of the ordinary. Influenced by Kpop stars and bands like BTS & BigBang, have also contributed to the success of Korean Streetwear trends

What else makes this trend so successful? Two things. Number one: social media. Instagram, Facebook, FashionTikTok have all made their mark on streetwear by influencers posting videos of some incredible outfits. Second, Its inclusive. Both men, women, or even non-binary individuals can wear the same outfits…and even the same pieces. 

Overly Oversized – We’ve seen the oversized trend with the large hoodies and jackets, but this goes further than going up a size. This over-oversized look is prevalent in Asian Fashion and Korean streetwear styles. The key to being able to pull something like this off is to go for a statement jacket with belts, lots of pockets, and with a big logo. Remember go 2-3 sizes larger than your actual size.

Chunky Sneakers – We’ve had a little taste of the chunky sneaker trend a couple years back when designer brands like Balenciaga came out with these; although they were somewhat popular in the West, this particular item is still incredibly popular in Korea, and is a major fashion influence. 

Joggers & Utility Pants We all love a good loose-fitting jogger, and part of Korean Streetwear Fashion is to incorporate symmetry between your outfit pieces. An oversized windbreaker would go amazing with loose fitting joggers or utility pants. These Asian inspired fashion trends are what makes outfits unique, especially when it comes to streetwear. 

The utility pants are no different. Its a bottom piece that you won’t see being worn in the Americans, but at the same time it is incredibly versatile and popular in other parts of the world. One of our favorite ways to wear these pants are with suspenders, or one with a contrasting pattern/color. 

Bold Statement Colors & Pieces – Something that you can incorporate in your outfit when going for that streetwear aesthetic is to pick fashion items that are statement pieces – so items that stand out, are unique and draw attention. This includes anything from a designer shoulder bag to large belt, a bucket hat, large jewelry, or t-shirt with a witty logo.  

Finally, one thing about Korean streetwear and fashion is the versatility in colors, and what we mean by that is bold colors make for a bold statement. Bright colors such as pink, orange, and yellow are all colors that you will find on all these items we have listed and if you want to rock that look, you’ll need to branch out your color selection!

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