How to Style Low-Rise Jeans Inspired by the Early 2000s

Last updated: February 16, 2022

Don’t freak out yet. We know we’ve kicked the low-rise jean trend to the curb in the early 2010’s, but I kid you not, they will make a comeback. Everyone and their mothers rocked the early 2000s low-rise jean trend, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and many more. It was an iconic look back in the day! Slowly but surely the low-rise jean trend is making a comeback in 2021. Thanks to Instagram and outfits inspired by fashion Tik Tok!

Already, celebs like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been rocking these recently. Now, we’re not all like Bella or Kendall, and that is totally okay! It doesn’t matter. All that matters is how you style the jeans to flatter everyone!! There are a variety of style options, so no one feels left out.

Let’s start with the many different types of low-rise jeans, and trust me, there’s a few.

If you don’t want to go super low, then a low/medium rise jean will be perfect for you. These are still low enough to be considered low rise jeans, but they do add a little length to your legs with the slightly medium rise.

Add a bit of flare to your wardrobe…see what I did there? Flared low rise jeans were the rage back in the day. This is perfect if you are a taller individual because low rise jeans tend to be longer at the bottom where it flares out.

If you’re feeling dangerous then ultra-low-rise jeans maybe for you. This style of jean works well for those who are shorter or have a shorter torso. Finally, if you want to maintain that early 2000s style than a baggy low rise fit jean should be in your closet. Perfect for that streetwear style aesthetic.

If you want to go with any of these styles, then you must find what works for you. Keep in mind that flared low cut jeans run a little taller at the bottoms and go well with mules, or flats. Or if you decide to go for the ultra-low-rise jeans, then a pair of kitten heels will flatter the entire outfit.

PSA: Skinny low-cut jeans are not in right now and weren’t at all popular in the 2000s. Majority of the low rise trend were for straight leg/wide leg jeans.

Here are some amazing outfit inspirations that’ll get you excited to get your hands on a pair of low-rise jeans.

Wide-leg jean with matching crop top:

The all-denim look is a vibe from the JT and Britney era. This monochromatic outfit is perfect if you want to make statement with your outfit. The low-rise jean flatters your stomach, while the wide leg adds a little length making you appear taller.

Cuffed mid/low rise jean

If you’re going for the mid-low-rise jean where you want it to be low, but still high enough to hold everything in, pair it with a cute top and cuff the bottoms of the jeans just a little bit. Don’t go for the skinny jean, but instead a straight leg style, otherwise it may look funky.

Basic Tee & Jeans

Keep it basic with a plain white t-shirt or graphic crop top with some flared wide leg jeans. If you go for a band tee, then you’ll be rocking an alternative style! You can take it up a notch by going for an all-black look with distressed low-cut jeans and a black tee, for a grunge style outfit.

Baggy Low-rise jeans with Cropped Blouse

A timelessness look, the contrast between the baggy jeans and a blouse make it perfect for a streetwear style mixed with slight professionalism.

Low rise jean with Jean & Bomber Jackets

Keep it casual by pairing your jeans with a cute bomber jacket, jean jacket or any type of jacket for that matter. You can wear a crop top underneath so you’re still showing a little skin but can cover up. Totally a mix between 2000s and 2010 styles!

Cute Tank with Low Rise Jeans

The most common look is low rise jeans paired with a cute crop top tank top, or strapless top! Either way, whichever crop top you choose, it’ll go well with the jeans, taking you back to the 2000s.

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