How to Maintain Blonde Balayage Hair

Last updated: February 20, 2022

Regardless of how stunning we look with our base hair color. A lot of people still like to try out different hair colors for a more intriguing look. One of the coolest and the most popular hair colors you can explore is the blonde balayage. And that is because the hair color is unarguably breathtaking in pictures for your social feeds and real life.

With that said, it is paramount that you keep a healthy and refreshing-looking blonde balayage hair from the comfort of your home. Not to worry. Maintaining blonde balayage hair is hassle-free and considered low maintenance.

However, there are many dos and don’t when it comes to keeping the hair color. For instance, washing too many times can mess up the quality of your blonde balayage.

With further ado, we will walk you through tips on how you can maintain blonde balayage hair and the hair products that would make the process smooth for you. But before we get down to it. What is a blonde balayage hair color?

What is a Blonde Balayage Hair Color?

Many still confuse balayage with a hairstyle or hair shade. But that is not the case. Balayage is simply an application method that involves freehand painting of dye into sections of hair to create a natural look and ombre-like highlights. The fact that it is freehand is a clear indicator that the application and maintenance process can be achieved from the comfort of your home.

Maintaining Blonde Balayage Hair

As mentioned earlier, the sun-kissed hair color is pretty to maintain. It is so easy to maintain that you are not required to regularly go to the salon for touch-ups. Blonde balayage grows naturally and does not have glaring regrowth lines. Before we get into the core of how to take care of the hair color, here are some of the dos and don’t.

First off, blonde balayage hair should only be washed once in a while. Washing regularly will more likely ruin the quality of the hair color. Washing daily can also result in the color fading away. Therefore, we recommend a 2 or 3 weekly wash.Furthermore, applying conditioner will do your hair some good by keeping it healthy. However, you shouldn’t leave the conditioner on for more than 30 minutes. As that can result in hair brittle.

Now that we have out of the way, here are some tips on how to maintain your blonde balayage.

Only Use Sulfate-Free Products

If you are an expert on hair products, you will probably know that most hair cleansing products have a component of sulfate. Consequently, the application of these hair products will strip off the blonde balayage color. It only gets worse from here. Sulfate hair products can also remove the natural oil in the hair. Leaving your hair dry and ruined.

Avoid Dipping Your Hair in Swimming Pools with Chlorine

This is for those that have a knack for swimming. Most swimming pools have chlorine. And chlorine strips natural oil from  the hair. Thereby making it brittle and dry. But that should not stop you from doing what you love. Simply get a silicone or latex swim cap to protect your hair from the chlorine-filled water. 

Protect Your Blonde Balayage Hair From the Sun

Whenever you are outdoors, endeavor to shield your blonde balayage hair from intense sunlight. Your hair will dry faster and your cuticles can be damaged by the ray of the bright sunlight. Therefore, you should utilize adequate UV protection and other hair products that can shield your hair from the sun.

Hair Mask Are Perfect for Balayage

Hair mask is the perfect solution to care for your blonde balayage hair from the comfort of your home. And that is because hair tends to dry faster after the application of balayage. So, it is only beneficial to utilize a moisturizing treatment. That is when the hair mask comes to play.

Hair mask comes with natural oils and essential vitamins that will replenish and restore the strength/shine of your hair. It is ideal to apply a hair mask whenever you feel like your hair is dry or feels dull. Only apply moderately to avoid any likely adverse effect.

Touch Up Your Hair Once in a While

Earlier, we stated that one of the perks of blonde balayage hair is that you will not be required to touch it regularly. As your hair grows naturally, the included blonde balayage color will remain natural. You don’t need to touch up the root of your hair. To retain the visibility of the color, a visit to the salon every 3 to 4 months for touch-ups will do.

There are a lot of solutions for maintaining blonde balayage hair. But it is important to identify what works for you.

  • KÉRASTASE Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo: When you decide on the hair product, it will bring forth the radiance of your blonde hair. Not only that, it keeps your hair strong and soft. It comes with antioxidants and essential nutrients for the hair.
  • Matrix Total Results Brass Off Blue Shampoo: The next solution is said to neutralize hues and add tone to your tresses. The shampoo is ideal for brunettes with lightened hair of all types and texture. It is not just for blonde balayage colored hair, you can also apply it on natural hair.
  • L’ange Brunette Boost Shampoo and Conditioner: This is perfect for those hoping to maintain a chocolate brown balayage hair. It gives the hair a neutral-hued result and protects your hair from getting dry.
  • Moroccan Oil  Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo: One thing about purple shampoo is that they are suitable for any blonde balayage color. It comes with an argan oil that seals the cuticle. The shampoo is a sulfate-free solution. It helps strengthen, nourish, and repair the hair. When you decide on Moroccan oil, your hair will not suffer from breaking or brittle.