How To Layer Clothes Perfect For Cold Weather

Last updated: November 6, 2020

When it comes to layering, getting the right layers together is something of an art form. Assembling various textures, weights, and colors get you to think outside of your usual closet staples. Add vibrant shades into your outfit and make it look chic and brightly colored. You can still keep your outfit dark-colored, as well as add colorful accessories, like scarf, shoes, beanie, bag or gloves. 


Invest in a good pair of heat tech long thermals ( Uniqlo has very good options) that will make the difference. From this point, you can build your outfit to feel extra warm and stylish too. After that, you gotta get a little creative.


Next, add a long sleeve top, which could be a light knit, skivvy, button-up or anything you feel comfortable in. You may start with a relatively thin but warm knit, like a cashmere basic ( check on Everlane ). These are just great for layering, whether it be something with a polo neck or a crewneck. 

Pro tip: Remember to upsize in your second layer to fit a little bit looser.

Go for turtlenecks! You can put it under sweaters, layer it with a dress on top of it or with an oversized button-down shirt tucked into jeans.

Add Long Knit Layers Over Shorter Ones

Neutral pieces are perfect for layering — a clean, minimalist color palette makes it easy to mix lengths and textures without things ever looking busy. For a modern combination, layer a slouchy knit turtleneck and maxi skirt under a longline tunic or sweater vest, all in tonal shades of beige, oatmeal, and cream.

Grab A Summer Dress

Once temperatures start to drop, transition your wardrobe by layering this summer favorite over a long-sleeved shirt or sweater. If the dress is form-fitting, pair it with a slightly looser material for a cozy contrast, and keep things casual with simple footwear (sneakers or booties) and minimalist accessories. The coolest thing you can do with it is to wear it over your favorite pair of jeans. Smarten up the linen dress/denim pairing with ankle booties.


They are thin so avoid bulk (and yes they fit under the tightest of skinny jeans), but the fleece makes any pair of pants feel like cozy sweat pants! If you want to tuck your long sleeve top into your pants, tuck it into your tights now. This way when you pull on your pants your shirt is already in place.


Choose a thick knitted sweater or fleece hoodie and if you’re only outside for a short time and then inside choose a thinner sweater. 

Chunky Knit + Jacket

Black leather moto jacket looks awesome styled with a grey cardigan, white tee and black skinny jeans. Complete the look by adding black glossy loafers.


How to look chic during super cold days and avoid the Michelin Man look? Layering your outerwear is the way to go! If you love wearing oversized coats, try pairing a thin puffer to achieve that warmth without looking bulky. Another great option is to layer a blazer underneath an overcoat by making it a more sophisticated look.


 We lose a lot of heat from the top of our head and ears can get painfully cold so a warm (wool if possible) beanie is important. For gloves, the leather and/or wool-lined ones are the warmest.

Wear An Oversized Scarf Like A Poncho

An oversized scarf is a versatile piece in your winter layering arsenal. You can wear it the traditional ways, like over both shoulders and encircling the neck, mix things up and try styling it asymmetrically across the chest and belted, as demonstrated above.

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