How to Achieve The Clean Girl Makeup Aesthetic

Last updated: September 30, 2022

The mega glam looks of 2016 are in the past now. Thanks to new social media trends popping all over Tik Tok and Instagram, the new wave of beauty influencers are adopting this “no makeup-Makeup look.” This trend includes using light weight and light coverage base products, minimal concealer, liquid blush, mascara and brow gel. These are the essential items that can be used to achieve this look!

The no-makeup makeup look is great when you’re going for that clean girl aesthetic look, where you have really basic, neutral, high quality clothing items that you can mix and match with minimal items. You look polished with the makeup look while having an effortlessly chic outfit as well.

If you’re going to work or even school and cannot wear a lot of makeup but still need to look presentable, this trend will be perfect for you. It takes less time to do than a full glam so you can do your brows, add some mascara, lip liner and you’re good to go. We’ll get deeper into this trend and the must-have items you need in your make-up collection.

Tinted Moisturizers and beauty balms are what you should be using as “foundation” because they’re so light and still show your natural skin underneath but at the same time give your skin a beautiful glow.

Laurie Murcier Tinted Moisturizer

Charlotte Tilburry

Bobbi Brown

Liquid Blush – The bendability of liquid and cream products makes it seamless in makeup application. You give yourself a natural color without it being too overpowering. Cream makeup products like liquid blush make your face less cakey so you even use less product.

Feathered Brows – A good brow gel is all you need to get the perfect eyebrows. Brush them up then shape them to what you desire. If you have sparse brows, you can always fill them in with a light eyebrow pencil for a finished look.

Brown/Light Brown Mascara – Black mascara can be intense but if you want to lighten the look, then go for a brown or dark brown mascara. You’ll still get that completed eye look but it’ll be softer and more sultry.

Liquid Highlighter – Just like liquid blush, liquid highlighter is no different. Place it on your cheek bones and tip of your nose to create a glow look. It’s a cream product so it’ll blend in really well with all your other cream products.

Lip Liner  – The perfect lip liner for you should be one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. This way it looks natural because it blends into your natural lip color and doesn’t look too dramatic. You can overline your lips without it looking to obvious. Throw on some lip balm on top for a glossier look.

While doing our makeup I’m sure we’re all guilty of going overboard such as making our winged eyeliner longer and thicker or packing on the blush and really intense eyeshadow. We need some inspiration for this no-makeup makeup look.