Fall Outfit Ideas For Back To School

Last updated: October 20, 2022

Back to school season has started and so has the Fall season. Cooler weather, waking up early, exams and homework can make it impossible to look your best. Who’s worried about their outfit when they have to wake up at 6 AM for class?…It may not be you, but there are so many individuals who take their outfits seriously.

With the Fall season here and slowly moving towards Winter, there are many different outfit styles to choose from when you’re going to school. These outfits are perfect for high schoolers and University students.

Keeping warm and comfortable are the number one things to consider when putting together outfits for back to school this Fall.

We’re talking about sweaters, trousers, hoodies, mom jeans, sneakers and even knitted sweaters. You can mix and match all these items to achieve the perfect Fall style that is appropriate for school as well.

We put together a few outfit inspirations that should give you an idea of what style you’d like to wear for school especially when you have nothing else to wear!

Back To School Outfit Ideas

  • Classic schoolgirl

When someone says back to school, usually the first thing that people think of is the classic schoolgirl outfit: plaid skirt and polo.

While that outfit is totally fine, you could level up the classic schoolgirl and make it more your own by trading the polo for a slouchy, cowl neck sweater.

You can add some boots to make it more sophisticated, or throw on some sneakers to make it more casual, and you’re set.

  • Jeans and a graphic tee

If you’re looking for a more casual option, simple jeans and a T-shirt is always a fan favorite. If you find the right jeans, you can be comfy yet still cute.

Rather than a sporty tee, choose a T-shirt with cool graphics or patterns to elevate your outfit. This could be a funny thrifted shirt from Goodwill or your favorite band merchandise.

Another way to elevate this outfit is to load up on cool accessories, including jewelry, a belt, or a statement hat.

  • Cropped overalls

One item of clothing that is entering modern trends is overalls, and they are incredibly versatile.

You can go for long overalls over a cute turtleneck or sweater, or if it’s still a bit hot outside at the start of school, you can opt for some shorts-style overalls under a cool T-shirt.

  • Fall-colored dress

The beauty of a dress is that you put it on and you have an outfit just like that. It’s easy, it’s adorable, and with recent styles, loose-fitting dresses are very popular, so you can be comfortable too.

As summer turns to fall, pick out some dresses with fall color, such as maroon, gold, or green, and you have a simple outfit to rock the school look. Don’t forget to dress it up with booties or heels, or dress it down with sneakers — both look great.