Dress To Impress In 3 Different Zoom Occasions

Last updated: January 3, 2021

Either you are preparing for a  job interview, a class meeting, or just a virtual party with your friends, you still want to look presentable. One of the ways that you set yourself up for success is the way you dress. Keep reading to discover how to shine in a Zoom call! 

| Job Interview |

It’s well known that going to a job interview can be really stressful, but attending one through Zoom has also its benefits. The key is to make people pay attention to what you’re saying rather than being distracted by what you’re wearing. Keep in mind that bold colors like hot pink, bright red and floral prints can disorientate your listeners. For that reason, opt for a business casual look and staple pieces that you already have in your wardrobe. Minimalistic and monochromatic outfits are ideal for this purpose. 

Style a white, turtleneck top/bodysuit with a tailored fit brown/black/navy/grey blazer and leave it unbuttoned. Choose subtle, mini accessories like pearl earrings, gold studs or a thin curb chain necklace that are feminine and delicate. In case you’ll have to stand up, then for bottoms, you can put on a nice pair of jeans or paper bag trousers and sneakers. Another great idea that will make you look super polished and professional is a classic white shirt or a navy blue silk blouse. It can be tucked into pants or a midi skirt or you can put a wool cardigan on top. If the dress attire of the desired company is more strict and corporate, you can slay in a black wide-leg jumpsuit and heels no higher than five inches. Go for understated makeup like nude lip colors, pale eye shadows, a bit of mascara and sleek straight hair to create an elegant look. 

| Class Meeting |

The good news with Zoom meetings is that you only have to get half-dressed, but what to wear on top? You can keep it smart casual like a lightweight top and a knitted cardigan/ or sweater styled with sweatpants or leggings. If the climate is warm you can wear a sleeveless halterneck bodysuit on top and straight-leg jeans. You can still combine happy prints and designs to help you stand out from the crowd. A fancy necklace or earrings can draw attention to your face and fill a neckline. However, avoid anything too big or shiny. A silk neck scarf is another great idea that gives a pop of color and glam to your effortless cool outfit.

| Virtual Party |

As Christmas is approaching, the party season is looming.  Most celebrations this year will take place over Zoom- but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up if you have a birthday party to attend. A fiercely festive, dazzling and eye-catching sequin dress is perfect for an online party and you’ll def stand out! Keep it simple with the jewelry and for shoewear prefer heel sandals or even simple sneakers. Go bold with your makeup and get inspired by 80’s big curly hairstyles!

From the couch to the kitchen, whip yourself up a drink, slip into your boldest dress and by that, I mean bright happy rainbow colors! Also, you can throw on your highest heels and tightest pants paired with a standout top. Some ideas are a  puff-sleeved top in a shimmering shade, an off the shoulder ruched top, a halter floral printed top or a lace camisole with leather pants would be bombing!

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