40 Chic Clean Girl Aesthetic Outfits That You’ll Love

Last updated: October 15, 2022

The clean girl aesthetic is another tiktok aesthetic trend that has taken the beauty and fashion world by storm. It’s core concept is pretty simple – a clean and minimal look with classy pieces that just scream elegance and subtlety. The actual outfits though, are pretty innocuous. Technically any outfit can be a clean girl outfit if it meets the guidelines.

When I think of what it means to put together a clean girl aesthetic outfit, I think of muted colors such as pale blues, browns and whites. I think of color coordinating carefully because the pieces themselves aren’t loud, so you need to get creative with colors and cuts.

Clean Girl Aesthetic Outfits

Below are 40 different clean girl aesthetic outfits I’ve scrounged together. They show the basics of the look while exploring different articles of clothing, color palette, etc. Take inspiration from these and put together your own clean girl outfit!