17 Airport Outfits That Are Cozy And Stylish

Last updated: October 20, 2022

Your airport outfit is important, it just is. The girls that get it, get it. There’s nothing better than lounging around an airport in a very particular style – you know the one I’m talking about. Oversized sweaters and hoodies, sweatpants or leggings, puffer jackets and big sneakers.

The quintessential airport outfit should be both stylish and functional. You don’t want to be wearing skin tight jeans, you want to look like you’re very deliberately cozy but put together. And a bit of mystery with some sunglasses and a baseball cap doesn’t hurt either.

Airport Outfits

Below we’ve gathered some outfit inspirations that truly capture the essence of the airport outfits we love. Take a look at these fits and hopefully you’ll get a good idea of what to wear during your next series of travels.

Airport Outfit Must Haves

  • Sweat set

You truly can’t go wrong with a classic sweat set. If you haven’t seen these all over social media and athleisure fashion, a sweat set is usually a crewneck or a hoodie and a pair of sweatpants that match.

At this point, almost every athleisure brand has its own version of the sweat set, so prices and styles vary tremendously. You can go for bright colors to stand out in an airport lounge, or muted neutrals to stick with the basics.

The best part is that you can pick any T-shirt to throw on underneath, so it’s the ultimate comfort while still looking like you put in effort. For hotter weather, you can also choose a set with shorts instead of sweatpants. The world is truly your oyster with this combination.

  • Yoga pants, tank top, nice hoodie

This is a slight variation of a sweat set, but it’s much more of a classic. Yoga pants and leggings have been around for much longer, and some people prefer more fitting clothes when they travel.

Pairing simple black yoga pants with a cute soft tank is a great way to stay comfortable yet still catch the eye of that cute stranger sitting across from you at the bus terminal. Don’t forget the classic zip-up for an extra layer if you get chilly.

  • Lounge pants and…

Lounge pants are super chic and very in right now, but they’re actually a classic staple making a return to trendy fashion. These pants are really just any loose-fitting, soft pants, usually with a high waist and wide ankles.

They’re like yoga pants but a lot more slouchy, and you can find these in a wide array of styles, including sherpa and even cashmere for those winter road trips.

However, you’ll need more than just a pair of pants for a cool travel outfit. Luckily, lounge pants go with pretty much everything, such as:

  • A sweater

Pair a fun, bright sweater with neutral colored pants for an outfit that looks like you put a lot of effort into, but actually feels like you’re still wrapped in your blanket in bed.

  • Sweatshirt

This makes the look more casual, but a quality sweatshirt goes a long way. Opt for a sweatshirt without big logos or sports teams on the front, but rather a high-quality, subtle design.

  • Longsleeve

If a sweater or sweatshirt is just a bit too hot, go for a long sleeve. Choosing a long sleeve with a fun material, like a waffled shirt, can elevate any pair of lounge pants.

  • T-shirt

You can never go wrong with a T-shirt. It’s true. Like with the sweatshirt, challenge yourself to choose a T-shirt with a fun color or simple yet tasteful design.

  • Button down

Button downs come in a wide variety of options, such as flannels or linens, both of which work with lounge pants. You can keep it loosely buttoned for a casual, off the shoulder look, and don’t be afraid to try some fun patterns too.

  • Layers, shoes, accessories

Finally, when picking out an outfit for traveling, there are a few key things that can’t be overlooked — and often are. Layers are essential, since you can never be sure what the temperature will be like inside your mode of travel, or if you’re traveling from one extreme weather to the other.

Always wear a tank or T-shirt underneath some sort of jacket. Next, make sure you have the right shoes. Chunky sneakers that you can slip on and off are always a travel staple, and if you’re at the airport, always wear socks.

Lastly, accessories have the power to make or break an outfit. If you’re only in the mood to wear sweats, but still want to look cute, add some fun jewelry, a hat, or even a cool hairstyle. It’s all about balance. Safe travels!