9 Gorgeous Stiletto Nails Perfect for the Holidays

With so many holiday themes and trends coming up how can you not get your nails done? Your nails are just like any other accessory you would wear, that’s why you gotta get them all done up! With so many different styles and colors – stiletto nails are perfect for the holidays.

Stiletto nails make a bold statement and if you are really outgoing, than these nails are the ones for you!


stilleto-nails-9 stilleto-nails-8stiletto-nails-5

Purples are such a gorgeous holiday color, especially when you add some sparkles, that will really make your nails stand out and look amazing!

stilleto-nails-7 stilleto-nails-6

One of the most common and stylish colors for stiletto nails are black and gold. This screams Christmas colors. It may not be the traditional green and red colors, but it’s still fabulous.

stilleto-nails-3 stilleto-nails-4

White and sparkling nails are also a great way for a new nail design and color. It’s noticeable and looks great on long stilettos. They are elegant and not too bold to be completely in-your-face type of nail design/color.

stilleto-nails-2 stilleto-nails