7 Tips On How To Do Your Makeup Like An E-girl

Last updated: October 25, 2020

We’ve seen them all over tik tok, instagram, and before that, musicly. So you may ask yourself what is an e-girl? Well, we’re here to help! The trend of becoming an egirl started a few years ago, but as exploded between 2019 and 2020 with the help of social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram.

E-girls and E-boys describe a culture of individuals whose style is inspired from skater culture, rave culture, goth culture, Kpop and anime. I know, it’s a lot, but it brought together a unique group of people, and for a good reason. Their style and makeup is gorgeous and very different from mainstream pop culture. Pink, green and black are common color motifs that e-girls typically use when doing their makeup. This includes dark lips, thick eyeliner and lots of eye shadow and blush.

Tip #1

The first tip we have is to add your blush not just on the apple of your cheeks, but on the bridge of your nose as well. Make sure you pack it on quite a put but not too much. Just enough that the pink and peach tones are noticeable.

Tip #2

Go harsh with your eyeliner. Yes, the days of doing a simple wing are over. You want your eyeliner to be bold and winged out with a sharp line. This exaggerates the eyes and brings a lot of attention to them.

Tip #3

Change the hair! Now i know this isn’t a makeup tip, but it kind of works. Egirls are unique and that means you gotta have different style of hair. Pink, blue or dark black are a common color that you’ll see! Make it curly, and to add a little extra umph, put it in pigtails.

Tip #4

Blend blend blend that eye shadow. We all love a smokey eye, but that has a lot of colors going into it. Opt for a dark pink or green eyeshadow color, and blend away in your crease for an exaggerated eyeshadow look.

Tip #5

Make some designs. Egirls are kind of known for a child-like persona, and one thing you’ll notice with their makeup looks is that they do little designs. You can totally do this with your eyeliner as well. Little hears on the corner of your eyes, faux freckles, and even random dots.

Tip #6

Get some bold brows. We’re not all blessed with big fluffy brows but that doesn’t mean you cant fake it. Go a little heavy with the eyebrow pencil to create a bold, dark eyebrow. Make it pop even more by cleaning the outside of the brows with a light concealer.

Tip #7

Final tip – make a pouty face. Use all the above tips and make a cute little pouty face so you can really embody the egirl look.

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