7 New Makeup Trends to Follow for a Supermodel Look

Last updated: November 6, 2020

Over the years we’ve seen so many different makeup trends, from the early 2008 YouTube videos to now Instagram and Tik Tok. From simple makeup hacks to full blown glam looks, we’ve moved from different types of make up styles. Before it was a all about the heavy glam, but now with influences like GiGi Hadid, Bella, Kendall Jenner, etc, our make up game is changing and we’re going for more “simpler” looks that look good, but also enhance your natural features and beauty.

Here are 7 tips to get that supermodel inspired make up look

Fox Eye

The look for elongated “cat eye” has been probably the top trend of this year. A warm toned brown eyeshadow with a darker eyeliner extended out will give you a simple, eye look giving you a sultry stare.

Feather Brows

Say good-bye to those thick, boxy eyebrows. We’ve moved on to the natural look that makes our brows feather, thick and look like natural hairs. Use a sticky eye brow gel or soap to brush up your hairs and separate them out.

Clear Gloss

Ahh, this brings me back to the early 2000’s where clear gloss was the rage, especially with brands like Lip Smackers. A Clear gloss lets your natural lip color shine and makes your lips juicy, and pouty.

Half Lashes

To take the fox eye to the extreme, add some half lashes to the outer corner. This will emphasize your eye shape and make your eyes that beautiful almond shape with a sultry affect.


Neutral colors look good on anyone with any eye color or skin tone. Keep it simple and classy with a neutral palette to create a natural eye look.

White Eyeliner

Make your eyes appear wider and more awake with some white eyeliner on your waterline. This will open your eyes up making you look more awake and making your eyes appear bigger, or use it on the top lid for a pop of color.

Shimmer Bronzer

Forego the highlighter and the matte bronzer for a shimmer bronzer. This is a two in one job that adds a glow to your skin and defines your cheek bones for that high fashion super model bronzed look.

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