6 Unique & Fashionable Back To School Outfits for Teachers!

Last updated: September 9, 2021

It’s back to school season and i’m sure there are many young teachers about to make their entrance into the school system. A job is a job and you have to look the part and be professional. I feel like the school system gives a little wiggle room for teachers to wear appropriate clothing but also be able to express themselves. This will all depend on which grades you’re teaching, and your own personal style, and of course the school policies. These outfits are also perfect for the upcoming Fall Season!

Clothing Options!

We’ve linked below some clothing items similar to the outfits below if you’re interested. And it’s from Amazon so you know it’s going to be pretty simple getting these looks online!

Let’s start with 6 of these outfits, all perfect for teachers that are going back to school!

This look is pretty simple to achieve. A bold blouse and a pair of casual jeans with some sandals make for a perfect outfit for school. It gives a mix of both professionalism with the blouse but a bit of casualness with the jeans. A flattering blouse will put the whole look together.
Cigarette/paperbag pants have been the staple item in every occupation. It can be dressed up or down yet is super comfortable so you’ll be feeling great all day. If you need to amp up your wardrobe a solid bodysuit will do the trick. That tucked in look is totally in, especially this fall. Accessories as well, thrown on your favorite jewelry and school bag and get out the door.
A turtleneck with basic jewelry with mom style jeans can be both casual and professional. We love this look because it fits with all the upcoming Fall Outfits.
If you love dresses and being comfortable then a long sleeveless dress is for you. It’ a modest look and comfortable enough that it won’t restrict you throughout the day but fashionable enough to make you look and feel good.
If you need to keep it even more professional style outfit, then dress pants and blouses are a no brainer. Black pants go with everything so it’ll be easy to put outfits together. A funky blouse will add a little spice to your wardrobe. Paired with some flat mules, you’ll be comfortable and fashionable.
If your school district allows you to wear whenever you want, then sneakers and jeans are a go-to as well. Throw on a large cardigan and (it’ll be stereotypical outfit) but this type of outfit is stylish and perfect for teachers!

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